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Predatory Lawyer Lisa Bloom Killed #MeToo With One Tweet

Predatory Lawyer Lisa Bloom Killed #MeToo With One Tweet
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Lisa Bloom, or as I like to call her, “Spawn of Satan,” who is the daughter of Gloria Allred, is this generation’s predatory political lawyer who profits from pushing scam claims of sexual harassment against prominent Republicans (never Democrats). Gloria didn’t want to leave the earth without someone to carry on the family business of destroying good Republican candidates with false and defamatory claims brought by questionable women with histories of being attention-seeking weirdos, like Stormy Daniels and Summer Zervos.

The Allred clan is so pro-Democrat, they took on Harvey Weinstein as a client, even with evidence that he had sexually assaulted women. He is currently serving prison time for it. But that didn’t stop Bloom from deciding to defend him, proving that her loyalties do not lie with abused women. She eventually dropped his case after realizing that taking him on destroyed her brand of being the lawyer to go to when you’ve been a “victim” of sexual harassment by a powerful man.

But let’s move forward to the present, where Bloom has just tweeted out the death of the #MeToo movement by expressing her belief in Tara Reade’s allegations that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her….but announcing she’s voting for him anyway. Sorry a guy violated you, but I hate Republicans so much I’d rather vote for a rapist.

The #BelieveWomen trope is forever dead, thank God. We now know that even the most strident proponents of it don’t believe their own baloney. They only subscribe to their high morals when there’s a Republican to harm. The shocking disconnect between the actions of the #Kavanope crowd to Reade’s allegations is glaring. In Christine Blasey Ford’s case, she didn’t have one corroborating witness. There wasn’t one person who remembered the party that she claims the incident happened at, or even one person who remembered her telling them about the alleged assault. In Reade’s case, several of her friends have come forward to report she told them the same story she’s telling us, and her mother even called Larry King to ask him about what to do if you’ve been assaulted by a senator!

The allegations of sexual assault or inappropriateness only matter to Democrats if it can hurt Republicans. If it were true that they cared about women, they would have asked Juanita Broaddrick about what Bill Clinton did to her. They would not have made fun of Paula Jones and the fact that she was poor, or dismissed Kathleen Willey. But they did all of that and now want to pretend they’re for women who are victims of sexual assault. It’s a joke.

I wrote an entire book about this issue and why #MeToo was a farce from the beginning. Believing all women, on the basis of what’s between their legs, is a mistake of epic proportions. Not all women tell the truth and some women are diabolical criminals. History shows this from Salome to the Salem witch trials. #MeToo was on its last legs after Amber Heard was discovered to be a fraud and this episode with Reade should topple it completely. The biggest proponents of “believe all women” are deciding that even if Reade is telling the truth, it doesn’t matter. (See Alyssa Milano for some of the worst two-stepping around this issue.)

We see through this. It’s the height of callousness to say, “I believe you, but sorry, still voting for your abuser.” So ladies, if a popular Democrat assaults you, there isn’t anyone in your party who will stand up for you. You’re out of luck.

As for Bloom, her explanation for this is an exercise of twisting logic that would cripple the psyche. “Biden will appoint a progressive female VP, and has a long history of fighting for women’s rights. Trump opposes everything I care about: climate change, human rights, treating immigrants with respect. I understand Ms. Reade has this same struggle as she opposes Trump too,” Bloom wrote.

Bloom asserts that a Democrat victim of abuse would rather have her abuser in office than a Republican! If that were true, would Reade have come forward? What purpose would it serve if she still wanted him elected? Perhaps Reade was hoping Democrats would pick a better candidate, a hope that is surely dashed now. #MeToo is dead, and hopefully buried, and you can thank Joe Biden for that.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter



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