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Trump Tweets Obama Spy Meme: How Will the Triggered Media Respond?

Screenshot via Twitter

I live for Trump tweets like this. When the president decides to have fun on Twitter, the gloves are always off. This time the target is the fraudulent FISA warrants that were used to allow Democrats to bug candidate Trump’s offices and phones of campaign staffers. The FISA court admitted on Thursday that the taps on Carter Page were illegitimate and improper. The meme of the president in Trump Tower with Barack Obama spying on him from outside the window led to a series of hilarious comebacks and responses.

Mark Dice anticipated CNN’s response to the “doctored” photograph.

Screenshot via Twitter

He wasn’t the only one imagining journalists running to their keyboards to lambaste the president for the tweet.

Someone even found footage of Brian Stelter.

And nothing is ever complete without a response from Terrence Williams.

No, no. Not that Tapper!

Screenshot via Twitter

And did you know Obama tweeted out this gem in 2013? The Internet knows.

Screenshot via Twitter

And the memes….good God, the memes! Get your screen grabber ready.

Good times.

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