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SICK: 8-Year-Old 'Mini AOC' Has to Delete Parody Accounts After Doxxing, Death Threats Against Her Family

SICK: 8-Year-Old 'Mini AOC' Has to Delete Parody Accounts After Doxxing, Death Threats Against Her Family
Mini-AOC (via Twitter screenshot)

In a sign of the stupid times in which we live, a family has had to delete all social media accounts for their little girl’s hilarious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impersonation after receiving death threats and being doxxed. Her stepfather announced the sad news on Twitter Friday:

Mini AOC, whose Twitter account had 87,000 followers before it was deleted, was played by Ava Martinez. She brought so much laughter and fun to the internet with her harmless parodies of Big AOC. Most recently, she dressed all in white in front of a fenced play park feigning crying because it’s always closed when she goes there. She’s so cute.

“Every time a plan a visit to the park it’s closed. Can everyone see how sad this makes me?” she wrote in a Twitter post accompanying the photos. The rest of them are unavailable now that her accounts have been deleted.

In an interview on Gateway Pundit in May, her father explained that Ava has no interest in politics. “No, Ava’s just a sweet, adorable 8-year-old girl who happens to be a very talented performer and has no interest in politics at all like most kids her age. She loves to sing, dance, cheer, and really  enjoys joking and acting and that’s why these videos have been so much fun because she just loves to entertain and make people laugh.” She began doing the parody when friends and family noticed how much she looks like grown-up AOC.

If the following video doesn’t make you laugh out loud, something is wrong with your funny bone.

But the harmless and popular act this little girl was having fun doing (better than most Saturday Night Live professionals) is now over because the rabid left put her in their crosshairs. Thanks to commenters like this guy, her family was targeted for harassment. It’s interesting to me that what Ava was doing is called “exploitation” (for making harmless, G-rated comedy skits) but that Desmond Is Amazing drag kid who strips and gets dollars thrown at him in nightclubs is totally fine and not exploited at all, according to these people.

Final lesson: 8-year-old drag queens who gyrate on stage for money is super woke and good parenting. Eight-year-old aspiring comedians who make fun videos and spread joy is child exploitation. Got it.

If the real AOC had any compassion at all, she would invite Mini AOC to do a livestream with her in a sign of support for a little girl who doesn’t deserve to live in fear because she poked fun at a congresswoman. (Then again, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson thinks she can write anti-mocking legislation and put parody creators in jail, so I won’t hold my breath.)