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Fake News Freaks Out After Fox News 'Misgenders' Bradley Manning

(U.S. Army via AP, File)

The “Independent” is having a coronary because Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot “deadnamed” a man pretending to be a woman, castigating him for not bowing to the demands of the gender confused who say we must use their false and inaccurate terms.

“Calling a trans person by their deadname is considered to be incredibly offensive and insensitive and Fox News and Palkot have been criticised for referring to Manning by such a name,” wrote Greg Evans. Well, add me to the list of the “offensive and insensitive,” because I won’t be lying to my readers either.

“Deadnaming” refers to calling a person who doesn’t know what biological sex they are by their given name. Bradley Manning is a confused young man who thinks he is a woman and has tried to force everyone to call him Chelsea. That’s not going to work on most of us. Accuracy is something that news people should strive for and calling a man by a woman’s name is confusing. Bruce Jenner might like to be known as Caitlyn, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to comply. It’s absurd.

Fox News has a duty to report these things truthfully, and most people remember the scandal with Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks when he was still using his birth name. Confusing the issue and using the name “Chelsea” is optional and unnecessary for news agencies unless they are trying to convince us how woke they are.

There are only two genders. Genitals matter and so does biology. Requiring news agencies to deny reality is a whole new level of nuts. Welcome to hell.