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Conservative Street Artist Sabo Banned from Twitter Permanently

Sabo, the conservative street artist who has given us so much entertainment, has been deplatformed from Twitter. Sabo is most known for his street posters that pop up in California whenever he feels inspired by the news. PJM reached out to Sabo for an interview.

PJM: I heard you got banned from Twitter. What happened? And will you miss Twitter or are you making a new account?
Sabo: I did. The people at Twitter didn’t give me a reason or a time frame. So the suspension looks permanent on my end. For what it’s worth I started another Twitter page that could be found @TheNewPunks. So far I have about 835 followers, which are so much fewer than the 32,000 I had before the ban. Who knows when they’ll shut my new page down. Honestly, I couldn’t care less.

(Image courtesy of Sabo)

PJM: How many years have you been doing street art and how did you get started?
Sabo: I’ve loved politics since I was 6 years old. I’ve been creating art since the early ’90s. While I’ve for years created political art, I didn’t start putting it out on the streets until about 2006. I really ramped up when we all thought Hillary would be coronated in 2008. Obama took care of all that. The first time I heard Obama speak I seriously wished there was something there to back, but I know politicians too well to let them pull a fast one on me. He said everything people wanted to hear without really saying anything. 

(Image courtesy of Sabo)

PJM: What is your favorite work that you’ve done and why?

Sabo: Strangely enough I love the memories of when my hits were little more than ten-poster runs on a bike. It was a more simple time. The productions weren’t that huge, I didn’t need a large crew. Hell, I had no one to pay. I also got a serious kick out of the billboards we’d done recently. The scale was retarded, very stressful, dangerous but rewarding in terms of the outcomes. 

(Image courtesy of Sabo)

PJM: What is the reaction your artwork gets? I always wondered if anyone ever confronts you as you are putting them up.

Sabo: The reactions are generally heard from the Right. The Left almost always refuses to publish my hits, which is just another form of censorship. If they don’t report on it, it didn’t happen. I’ve had gangsters pull drive-bys and yell at us. So far no shootings or fights. I tend to be very careful. If and when something does happen, it usually has more to do with someone in my crew not following directions from me. I generally know how to avoid altercations. In terms of how the art is received, those on the Right seem to like it. At least enough to keep me going. I wonder what the hell it is I’m doing with my life from time to time, but they set me straight letting me know what I do is appreciated. 

(Image courtesy of Sabo)

PJM: What’s coming next for you?

Sabo: Even I don’t know what’s coming up next. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s just a thought that comes to me while jogging or from a headline in the news. I started following the news cycle because my art would be taken down so quickly otherwise. By that I mean, if I follow the news cycle there’s a better chance it might be picked up by some reporter. That helps it to go viral online which helps it to stay up online, possibly forever. What’s next? Even if I knew it wouldn’t be smart to tell you. I’m leaving those cats in the bag.

(Image courtesy of Sabo)

PJM: What are your thoughts on big tech censorship of conservative voices? What is the cure? Regulation? New platforms?

Sabo: I think it’s very sad and scary. I could see the Christian Coalition from the ’80s pulling this, but the Left? I thought they were the ones who fought for free speech and the individuals’ right to speak their minds. Guess not! How they can’t take a step back and see what they’ve become is beyond me. If Leftists have proven anything [it’s that] there’s no end to their demands. They just keep getting weirder and weirder every year.

I don’t believe in regulation. I’ve worked in the startups. They don’t last. They never do even when they fly straight. Acting the way Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter do, they’ll be things of the past sooner than later. Then we’ll start using other platforms. I’d say I’d hope they’d of learned something from this, but they won’t. A Leftist is a Leftist is a Leftist. They never learn. I’ll just jump around and use what I can while I can I guess.


(Image courtesy of Sabo)