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New Book Blows the Lid Off the Dark World of Child Sex Abuse in Sci-Fi Fandom

Moira Greyland is the daughter of famous authors Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen. She has written a memoir about growing up in a “queer” family and suffering hideous child abuse. In The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon, Greyland details the horror of being a helpless child trapped in a far-left fantasy world. The world constructed by her mother, author of The Mists of Avalon, and her father, author of Greek Love (a book literally detailing why pedophilia is fine and even good), was a dark and frightening world. Unfortunately, though many saw how unhappy Greyland and her siblings were, no one stepped in to stop it and people, in fact, turned a blind eye.

Greyland’s description of her family’s philosophy is chilling. “All sex is always right no matter what.” This philosophy forced her to endure being raped by her father at the achingly innocent age of four and molested by her mother throughout her childhood. Both her parents insisted she was gay because they believed that every person is naturally homosexual and will be homosexual if not corrupted by heterosexual experiences. Through the exposure to two gay parents and relatives and their friends, Greyland developed a theory about homosexuality that is very unpopular.

“It is my belief that homosexuality is a matter of IMPRINTING, in the same way that BDSM fantasies are,” she explains in the book. “To the BDSM’er, continued practice of the fantasy is sexually exciting. To the gay person, naturally, the same. However, from what I have seen, neither one creates healing. My mother became a lesbian because she was raped by her father. My father was molested by a priest–and regarded it as being the only love he had ever experienced. There are a vanishingly few people who are exclusively gay, but far more who have relationships with people of BOTH genders, as my parents and other relatives did.”

This, of course, is not allowed to be discussed in the age of the Gaystappo, which must be praised at all times. But do we not owe it to the children raised in these environments to hear their experiences? Does the #MeToo craze include the children of gays who did not have idyllic experiences?

“What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DONT KNOW) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be ‘ruined’ by attraction to a girl,” she writes.

Breen and Bradley expressed these very beliefs to Greyland often. The Mists of Avalon catapulted Bradley into the limelight and made her very famous in fantasy and science fiction circles. She and Breen would attend science fiction conventions like Worldcon religiously. Breen used these conventions to hunt for children he could groom and molest, Greyland says. This was widely known among the convention attendees. In one particularly egregious incident, Breen molested a little girl in public at a convention. Greyland included a letter written by Bill Donaho in 1963 about banning Breen from Worldcon.

“Walter’s conduct was so bad that it called the culture of sexual tolerance into question: many people thought ‘consenting adults’ should not include toddlers….Walter’s victims included a girl, age 3, a boy, age 13, another boy named Glenn…aged 10 and a boy known as G2, age 7, as well as several other nameless teenagers, both male and female,” Donaho wrote. “Walter molested the 3 year old girl in public more than once. She had been trained to strip when she saw him. He would ‘rub her down.’ He also used a pencil, rubbing the eraser back and forth in the general area of the vagina.”

This was done in public, during Worldcon, and there was an actual debate on whether or not to ban him. He was eventually banned for only one year. No one ever said anything again. This is especially upsetting because recently conservative author Jon Del Arroz was banned from attending Worldcon without explanation this year, leading most to believe it’s because he does not have the proper political views. “Magic the Gathering” is having similar problems after banning a conservative critic from the game and seizing his personal property. After an investigation by the gamer who was banned, it appears that Magic is harboring child molesters like Worldcon did and allowing them in positions of power and influence over minors. Convicted child molesters. 

This would be no surprise to Greyland, who suffered the silence of that community her entire life. It is disturbing that convicted child molesters are being ignored and allowed to continue operating in fandom, while conservative authors are not — their only crime being “wrongthink” or criticizing the wrong people or mocking social justice warriors. What does it say about the left that they can tolerate child molesters but not Republicans?

The Last Closet is difficult to read, but Greyland deserves to be heard and have her story shared. If all victims are to be believed, let’s start with Greyland. Her courage to tell this story at the expense of her health (as she suffers from complex PTSD that includes seizures) is beyond admirable. The title of her book reflects the last closet in sexuality that exists in America today.

“I was brought up to be completely tolerant of every possible sexual variation, and the wish to be loving and accepting of all people has stayed with me,” Greyland explains. “Meeting former gay people and former trans people and hearing how furious their friends are about them leaving the lifestyle opened my eyes. They find themselves in a new closet because they are not supposed to be able to reject the lifestyle. What all former gays and former trans have in common is the reality of hate mail and fury from former friends who cannot stand the fact that they were able to leave. It is, after all, supposed to be impossible to leave.”

How tolerant are they, really?

According to Greyland, “Tolerance only goes one way. It means that anyone who leaves the gay or trans lifestyle or dares to speak out against homosexuality and gay marriage is a fair target for persecution. This is wrong.”

The Last Closet is a must-read for anyone who thinks unrestrained sexuality is a good thing for any society.