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Conservative Hispanic Writer Jon Del Arroz Banned from Worldcon Sci-Fi Convention

Jon Del Arroz won't be going to the Worldcon science fiction convention, even though he is the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction and he bought a ticket. The multi-award nominated military science fiction author was banned publicly from the upcoming festivities in San Jose, California, without ceremony or explanation by Worldcon's Incident Response Team. "At this time we are converting your membership to Worldcon76 to a supporting membership as you will not be permitted to attend the convention. On your personal blog you have made it clear that you are both expecting and planning on engendering a hostile environment which we do not allow. If you are found on the premises of the convention center or any of the official convention hotels you will be removed," the organizers wrote.

After sending that private email message to Del Arroz, they publicly denounced him on Facebook, Twitter, and Worldcon's main website. Del Arroz was not given a reason for the banning even though he sent several messages inquiring about the alleged "incident" that triggered it. "Worldcon 76 has chosen to reduce Jonathan Del Arroz's membership from attending to supporting," they wrote. "We have taken this step because he has made it clear that he fully intends to break our code of conduct. We take that seriously....racist and bullying behavior is not acceptable at our Worldcon."

The "racist or bullying" behavior was not explained and no evidence that it occurred was presented. Worldcon refused to tell Del Arroz what they objected to on his site. PJ Media reached out to Worldcon and was told there would be "no further comment" on the banning. Further investigation shows that Del Arroz had contacted Worldcon organizers to ask for help several weeks ago with concerns that his safety as a conservative author at the convention was being threatened by other attendees.

In August, Del Arroz was in talks with Convention Chair Kevin Roche about renting a table to sell his books at the event. Roche did not mention any concern at the time about Del Arroz and did not seem hesitant to take his money. However, by November, Del Arroz had alerted Roche to threats to his safety after receiving targeted harassment against his family in his home (including receiving a spring-loaded package of glitter shaped like penises). Roche did not respond.

Del Arroz reported that the doxing and pranking began when members of the Science Fiction Writers of America found out he would be attending Worldcon. File 770, an industry publication like Gawker for nerds, had been roiling about Del Arroz and his doubleplusungood opinions back in December. After one debate, Del Arroz received these emails from a File 770 user.

Del Arroz believes that exchange kicked off a coordinated email and social media campaign to have him banned from Worldcon. This event mirrors Diversity and Comics creator Richard Meyer's experience with SJWs at Comic-Con when industry professionals plotted to goad him into a violent altercation (for having the audacity to criticize Marvel and DC Comics artists and writers who refuse to leave their politics out of comics). That action launched Comicsgate, which has resulted in the firing of far-left industry professionals and the cancelation of several books.