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5 Ways Joe Biden Made the COVID Pandemic Worse

5 Ways Joe Biden Made the COVID Pandemic Worse
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The mainstream media worked tirelessly to create the narrative that Donald Trump somehow botched our nation’s response to COVID. Facts didn’t matter, as long as they could help Trump lose the 2020 election. Well, the media got what they wanted, Joe Biden is in charge now, and the pandemic hasn’t gotten better. In fact, it’s gotten worse.


And yes, Joe Biden is to blame for it. Below are just five ways Biden has made the pandemic worse.

The J&J pause

COVID vaccinations have certainly helped in the fight against the disease, and Biden had hoped to have 70 percent of eligible Americans vaccinated by Independence Day. He ultimately doomed that goal when his administration paused the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when six out of 6.8 million people who received it experienced severe blood clotting. It was a silly decision since the risk of severe blood clots was actually smaller than the risk of catching COVID and dying from it. “It’s going to create more vaccine hesitancy,” famed pollster Nate Silver tweeted. “These people don’t understand cost-benefit analysis. They keep making mistakes by orders of magnitude.”

He was right. In fact, the pause ultimately caused distrust in all three vaccines. It’s true that the omicron variant doesn’t seem to care about vaccination status, but they do seem to help reduce symptoms and hospitalization rates.

Open borders

Despite promising to “shut down the virus,” Joe Biden’s border crisis was also a COVID crisis. Despite imposing COVID restrictions on Americans, the thousands of illegal immigrants coming into this country were somehow exempt. They weren’t tested for COVID and were brought into the nation’s interior with unknown COVID status.


How many cases of COVID could be traced back to illegal immigrants that flooded across the border? Last summer, we learned that the Biden administration placed 40,000 illegals with COVID into American cities. Still, we’ll probably never know the number of COVID-positive illegals Biden set loose in our country. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the Biden administration actively covered up the number of illegal immigrants with COVID in this country.

One thing is for sure: Biden cared more about letting illegal immigrants in than protecting American citizens from COVID.

The national test shortage

As cases are surging, people are waiting hours in line just to get a COVID test. It didn’t have to be this way. In fact, Biden had an opportunity to order enough tests months ago and failed to do that. This week, new daily cases broke a million for the time, and the demand for tests is higher than ever, but good luck finding one. In 2020, Democrats accused Trump of failing to provide enough COVID tests—Joe Biden even joined in. Now, curiously, the CDC is trying to downplay the need for testing. I wonder why.

Counterproductive mandates

After causing massive distrust in the vaccines, Joe Biden decided it impose a federal vaccine mandate on private businesses with 100 or more employees. But, the funny thing about Americans is that they don’t really like being forced to do anything by their government. When he announced it in September, a clear majority of the public supported it. However, a new Zogby Strategies poll warns that 2022 will see a significant backlash against national mandates. “Regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates, overwhelmingly, 53% prefer personal choice to 37% who want government mandates,” Zogby found. In addition, a plurality of voters also believes it’s right to “disobey mandates from the President.”


Meanwhile, Biden’s divisive rhetoric against those who have chosen not to get vaccinated is not helping matters either.

Abandoning therapeutics

Americans still have limited access to therapeutics, says Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. (R-Kan.).

“The Biden administration should have already established an Operation Warp Speed approach for the development, manufacture, and distribution of therapeutics.” Instead, Marshall notes, the Biden administration “put all their eggs in one basket,” and that basket was vaccinations. So now, Americans with COVID cannot get monoclonal antibodies or medications like Molnupiravir and Paxlovid.

“The medicines you can get for less than $100 can often prevent hospitalization and ICU visits. We need to give doctors the options of using therapeutics along with steroids, anti-inflammatories, and other standard protocols that have been developed by those who have treated thousands of COVID-19 patients,” Marshall says.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tex.) agrees.

“[T]he Biden administration has never focused on testing, therapeutics or things like natural immunity, which are important to a lot of people out there,” he said. “The reason is because they need the COVID fear factor at a certain level. The best way to do that is to focus on mandatory vaccines and masking.”


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