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More Americans Have Died from COVID Under Biden Than Under Trump

More Americans Have Died from COVID Under Biden Than Under Trump
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Prior reports by other outlets have been premature, but now we can officially say that more Americans have died from COVID under Joe Biden than under Donald Trump.


According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 817,043 Americans have died from COVID since the start of the pandemic. As of Monday, Dec. 27, at least 408,593 Americans have died on Joe Biden’s watch, compared to 408,450 under Donald Trump.

The first official death from COVID-19 in the United States was on Jan. 9, 2020. This grim milestone for Biden also comes days after he admitted that “nothing has been good enough” with regards to his response to COVID, and that he failed to order enough COVID testing kits in advance of the winter season.

However, last year, Biden repeatedly insisted that he would “shut down the virus” and accused Trump of not having a plan to “get this virus under control,” while insisting that he did.

During the last presidential debate last year, roughly 200,000 Americans had died from COVID and Joe Biden pinned the blame on Donald Trump, and said that “anyone responsible for that many deaths should not be President of America.” Now, more people have died from COVID under Biden and at a faster pace, despite inheriting three vaccines, and despite Biden claiming he had a plan to “get this virus under control.”


Biden even believed earlier this year that he had, in fact, gotten the virus under control. During the summer, he gave a speech celebrating our “independence from COVID-19.”

Nevertheless, Biden has failed to get COVID-19 under control as promised and is now shifting the responsibility of ending the pandemic onto our nation’s governors.

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