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Five More Wildly Unpopular Democrat Policies Jen Psaki Will Probably Blame on the GOP

Five More Wildly Unpopular Democrat Policies Jen Psaki Will Probably Blame on the GOP
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As my PJ Media colleague Kevin Downey Jr. recently wrote, “White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told the mother of all whoppers when she said, ‘Republicans voted to defund the police.’” It was a bizarre claim by Psaki, easily disproven by the facts. As Kevin noted, “even the Washington Post knows the Democrats were behind defunding the cops.”

Why would Psaki even attempt such a terrible lie? Because defunding the police is unpopular—so unpopular, in fact, that the GOP knows that Democrats’ support of it is a winning issue for them. It also doesn’t make communities safer. Defunding the police has failed nationwide in cities that have tried it, and cities that voted to do so have begun seeing the error of their ways, thanks to violent crime surges.

Psaki’s attempt to blame Republicans for the Democrats’ incredibly unpopular efforts to defund the police is not shocking in the least. It has long been observed that Democrats accuse Republicans of what the Democrats are actually guilty of. Still, in a time where it’s easy to look up the facts, it’s incredible that Psaki thought she could get away with it.

If Jen Psaki is willing to lie so brazenly about which party supports defunding the police, which unpopular Democrat policies will she blame on Republicans next? Let’s take a guess, shall we?

Late-term abortion

Abortion is a sacred cow in the Democratic Party. The party that once claimed they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare” have instead devolved into supporting the most extreme positions on abortion. Funded by the abortion lobby, Democrats no longer want abortion to be rare. They oppose any restriction on the practice—be it requiring parental consent for minors or that only licensed medical professionals perform abortions. Even banning barbaric late-term abortions is opposed by the Democrats.

According to a recent poll, a substantial majority of Americans believe abortion should be illegal after the first trimester. While most Americans support abortion rights in the first trimester, 65 percent oppose abortion in the second trimester, and a whopping 80 percent oppose it in the third trimester.

Jen Psaki, are you paying attention? How long will it be before you accuse Republicans of supporting late-term abortions?

Reparations for slavery

Democrats have generally abandoned their position of equality in favor of the more subjective “equity” agenda. The issue of reparations for slavery has been around for many years. A lack of consensus for what they should be, how much they should be, or whether they even should be has made the issue DOA any time it’s been tried.

To hear the Democrats explain it, America (the same country that voted for a black man twice for president) is systemically racist, and some monetary payout to minorities is required to fix the problem.

Joe Biden wants reparations for slavery. Earlier this year, nearly 180 Democrats supported a proposal to form a slavery reparations commission. For Democrats, this is all part of their equity agenda, yet the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose reparations for slavery. A mere 20 percent of Americans supported reparations in a June 2020 poll.

Democrats may be in power now, but Jen Psaki obviously thinks she has a formula for the Democrats imposing their unpopular agenda, while not being held accountable for it. Just say Republicans are for reparations!

Open borders

Open borders is a more interesting issue on this list because the Biden administration has already blamed Trump for the current border crisis, even though Biden’s support for open borders caused it.

And the American people have noticed. A recent Harvard/Harris poll shows that most Americans are aware of the border crisis, believe it’s a serious problem, and blame Biden for it.

But hey, Psaki, just claim the GOP supports opens borders and you’re all set!

Healthcare for illegals

In 2020, Democrats running for president made up the most extreme slate of candidates in history. Issues that only fringe candidates once held were suddenly mainstream issues of the frontrunner candidates. One such issue was free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Even Joe Biden, the “centrist” candidate, endorsed the issue. While the issue is popular amongst Democratic primary voters, the electorate at large overwhelmingly rejects the idea—to the tune of 62 percent opposing it. With the ongoing border crisis still happening with no end in sight, this is another opportunity for Jen Psaki to take to the podium and accuse Republicans of being the party of free healthcare for illegals.

Critical race theory

Critical race theory is all the rage these days. Left-wing teachers’ unions and universities are trying to implement CRT to indoctrinate students. Woke corporations are also getting into the game, and the Democrats are all about it. There’s just a slight problem: Americans don’t like CRT one bit and don’t want it taught in schools. It’s not even close.

Hey, Psaki! I dare you to accuse Republicans of being supporters of CRT!