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China Releases Video Showing Simulated Attack on U.S. Air Force Base. Will Biden Finally Condemn the Chi-Coms?

China Releases Video Showing Simulated Attack on U.S. Air Force Base. Will Biden Finally Condemn the Chi-Coms?
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The People’s Liberation Army Air Force of China released a video showing a nuclear-capable H-6 bomber carrying out a simulated attack “on what appears to be Andersen Air Force Base on the U.S. Pacific island of Guam,” Reuters reports.

The video was released on their Weibo account.

The Chinese air force’s two minute and 15 second video, set to solemn, dramatic music like a trailer for a Hollywood movie, shows H-6 bombers taking off from a desert base. The video is called “The god of war H-6K goes on the attack!”

Halfway through, a pilot presses a button and looses off a missile at an unidentified seaside runway.

The missile homes in on the runway, a satellite image of which is shown that looks exactly like the layout of Andersen.

The music suddenly stops as images of the ground shaking appear, following by aerial views of an explosion.

“We are the defenders of the motherland’s aerial security; we have the confidence and ability to always defend the security of the motherland’s skies,” the air force wrote in a brief description for the video.

“The video is meant to warn the Americans that even supposedly safe, rearward positions such as Guam may come under threat when conflicts over regional flashpoints, be it Taiwan or South China Sea, erupt,” says Collin Koh, a research fellow at Singapore’s Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies.

According to intelligence agencies, China is actively trying to undermine Trump’s reelection. and has essentially absolved itself of any responsibility for the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan. President Trump has repeatedly called out Biden’s weakness on China, saying that “If Biden is elected, China will own our country.” Biden has also refused to call China an opponent.

Will the media ask Joe Biden about this video? Will he be asked to condemn China?

I’m not holding my breath.

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