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Malik Obama, Brother of Barack, Floats Run for Congress Against Ilhan Omar

This Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004 file photo shows Malik Obama, the older brother of US President Barack Obama, who holds an undated picture of Barack, left, and himself, center, and an unidentified friend in his shop in Siaya, eastern Kenya. (AP Photo/Karel Prinsloo/File)

On Friday, Malik Obama, the estranged half-brother of former president Barack Obama, went to Twitter to ask his followers if he should run against Ilhan Omar for Congress.

It is not clear if this is a serious question, or if Malik Obama is actually considering a run for Congress in Minnesota. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen and a resident of Kenya, where, according to the Washington Post, he has between 3 and 12 wives. It seems unlikely that Malik Obama would relocate to Minnesota’s 5th District to run for Congress. PJ Media has reached out to him for comment, but we did not receive a response by publishing time.

While his intentions aren’t yet clear, his followers have a wide range of opinions on the issue.

Malik Obama has been publicly critical of his famous half-brother. He endorsed Donald Trump in 2016, “because he speaks from the heart.” In May, Malik Obama appeared on “The Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo,” revealing new details about Barack Obama, and how their relationship deteriorated over the years.