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Vegas Gun Store Holds 'Pre-Hillary' Gun Sale

Vegas Gun Store Holds 'Pre-Hillary' Gun Sale
(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Westside Armory in Las Vegas is having a “Pre-Hillary” gun sale, predicting a surge in firearm purchases should the anti-Second Amendment Clinton win the election in November. Get on in there before the price gouging starts!

The Las Vegas gun store Westside Armory is predicting a Hillary Clinton victory in November, and it has a message for customers: Buy now, because things are going to get expensive.

In an advertisement over the weekend in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Westside Armory said it was holding a “Pre-Hillary Sale” on tactical rifles, warning of a price surge if the Democratic nominee wins the presidential election next month.

“Don’t wait!” the advertisement reads. “Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.”

That’s probably true.

The Washington Post thinks it’s crazy that anyone would be worried Clinton would try to ban guns.

The reference to “Crooked Hillary” — Donald Trump’s nickname for Clinton — is a clear appeal to supporters of the Republican nominee, who has accused Clinton of wanting to “get rid of all the guns” and “essentially abolish the Second Amendment.”

Clinton has advocated no such thing. Like President Obama, she has proposed stepping up background checks and closing loopholes that allow guns to be sold online and at gun shows with few restrictions on who can buy them.

Is that so?  Former senator and current Senate candidate Russ Feingold is under a different impression.

“If there’s still Republican control in Congress, and if Hillary is elected, is there anything she can do to uhh…,” an attendee asks Feingold in an undercover video.

“Well, there might be an executive order,” Feingold responds.

Here’s the obligatory “There are background checks conducted on firearm sales at gun shows and there are background checks conducted on firearms sold online. Gun show and online sales use the same system as a brick and mortar establishment, not a different process ‘with few restrictions on who can buy them ‘” statement.

If you are in Nevada, stop by Westside Armory and support this enterprising gun store.