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Gun Grabbers Continue to Chase Firearms Retailers Out of Arlington, Virginia

Fresh off a victory last July, the anti-gun movement is continuing its war against the Second Amendment by trying chase firearms retailer Nova Armory from Arlington, Virginia.

To catch you up, last year the anti-gun brigade chased a veteran-owned firearms business from Arlington, Virginia, because it was located close to an elementary school. I wrote about that sad situation here.

Another retail gun shop is planning on opening in the area and the gun grabbers are fighting it.

“Some people who live in the area don’t want NoVa Armory in the ‘residential area,’ and they’re also upset the county didn’t seek community input before processing the store’s permits,” reports WUSA9.

The owner of the store sent a message to WUSA explaining that the store isn’t “typical gun shop” and that it caters “to certain clientele that look for high-end sporting shotguns. Some are custom engraved shotguns and they become family heirlooms and are passed down through the generations.”

High-end sporting shotguns. Yes, please. Not that it matters — the firearms stores are selling a legal product so it shouldn’t matter what “kind” the store will sell.

Some residents are happy about the gun store.

“It’s a legal use. These people aren’t a menace to society or a menace to Arlington,” said Jared Hendler.

“We have to drive to Chantilly to exercise our 2nd Amendment right. So for Arlington to have this is actually an asset.”

Yes, this is true.

And some residents aren’t happy about the new store.

“We’re a family focused neighborhood,” Emily Hughes Ilich said. “I don’t want to run into somebody walking down the street in my neighborhood who’s got a gun with them.”

Well, Emily, I have news for you: that’s probably already happening, especially if I’ve ever been in your vicinity. It is legal for people to conceal loaded weapons in Northern Virginia if they have the proper permit.

Special snowflake Emily is also upset the community wasn’t informed by the zoning authorities. “I would’ve expected that Arlington County would have provided some notice and would have gotten people to comment.”

Acting Zoning Administrator Arlova Vonhm explains, “The applicant requested permission to use an existing, vacant retail space to open a retail store to sell firearms. As such, the applicant needed to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy…. The Certificate of Occupancy process does not require notification to the public.”

She went on to say that “the decision of whether a store can sell firearms comes from the State of Virginia.” Also, “Arlington does not have the authority to withhold Nova Armory’s permits, because there are no outstanding issues at the county level.”

There is a day care center across the street and an elementary school a mile away. But this does not make the area a “school zone.”

Hendler explained to the gun-ignorant left that “you’re generally buying an empty weapon and going home with an empty weapon. It’s not a firing range.”

As of last week, a petition to stop the gun store from opening had gathered 1,400 signatures.

“This small strip mall along Pershing Drive and Route 50 is in a residential location and literally next door to a day care/after-care school, the Merit School of Arlington,” the petition states. “It is also within blocks of Long Branch Elementary, and less than a mile from Key Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Middle School.”

A local business located across the street from the future gun store is encouraging people to sign the petition to stop the firearms store.

The Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans are pushing back against these anti-gun bullies.

“How dare a local business use corporate resources to attempt to subvert our political and public policy process,” wrote AFCYR Chairman Emeritus Matthew Hurtt. “Democrats claim to want to protect our fragile democracy, and — if so — they must condemn this egregious act without hesitation.”