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Unless It's Antifa, the 'Supremacy' I See Isn't White

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The commies are scrambling. A black man mowed down dozens of people in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I’d love to be a tick on Don Lemon’s head as he and the other lefty news clowns—Joy Reid Chris Cuomo, and Lester Holt among others—try to spin the car-ramming attack that we saw Sunday in Waukesha. We don’t know the attacker’s motives yet, but what if it turns out they were somewhat responsible for motivating the driver to do it?

They’ve already tried to say the attacker was fleeing another crime scene and had no other escape route other than the ONE street full of (mostly white) people. We aren’t buying the lie. Watch the tape. The driver is trying to hit people. He is a mass murderer.

The man arrested for the Waukesha rampage, Darrell Edward Brooks, is a black man with a long history of crime, including sex with a minor. Has he been watching lefty news lies about Rittenhouse being a “white supremacist”? Were all his victims white? Was revenge the goal?

We have learned that whatever the left says, the opposite is often true. They said Trump was working with the Russians, and yet it was actually Hillary. They are saying “white supremacy” is the nation’s worst problem, but that’s not what the crime stats say.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Anti-Defamation League stated that the KKK has been in decline for years and there are only about 3,000 left in the U.S.

White supremacists weren’t the ones who burned American cities for almost a year after George Floyd died. “White Supremacists” aren’t shoplifting to the point that stores are closing.

The last time I checked, 85% of the violent attacks against Asians weren’t white supremacists.

White supremacists didn’t throw bottles of urine at police in Portland last Friday before trying to burn down a police station. That was Antifa.

This isn’t a white supremacist sucker-punching a young white boy dancing in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


According to the FBI, white supremacists aren’t the 6.5% of the population that is responsible for roughly 50% of all the nation’s murders. That would be black men.

The left is running cover for black criminals and Antifa. Lefty politicians made shoplifting $950 or less a misdemeanor to keep black people out of jail. Weed is legal in blue states. “Bail reform” let thousands of black criminals out of prison (who, ironically, victimized mostly black people when they got out).

Cops nationwide are constantly told to stand down when they face Antifa, and leftist DAs frequently drop charges against BLM and Antifa activists if they are even arrested. Laws are tossed out the window to keep certain “protected groups” out of jail.

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What happened to “equality” under the law? Why can’t we keep laws, and arrest and prosecute those that break them, no matter the color of their skin? Why can’t everyone be held to the same standard? Is it because certain groups refuse to play by the rules? Is it revenge? Revenge for slavery and Jim Crow laws, both compliments of the Democrats? Is it payback for mistreatment, real or perceived? Some people think so, like this harridan below.

Only a leftist would make such a “joke” knowing kids are dead.

Imagine if a white guy plowed into a bunch of black people at a parade. Would there be jokes? No, there would be fires and riots. I’m certain we will see no violence, riots, or lootings over the Waukesha tragedy. Nor will we see statues and murals erected nationwide in honor of the dead.

We need to accept reality: black crime is wildly out of proportion. Decriminalizing isn’t the answer—it’s making things worse. Criminals, of every race and political affiliation, need to be held responsible for their crimes.

But the left can’t give up its narrative of white supremacy. It’s a fog to cover the truth of who is really committing crimes in the name of racism. And it isn’t an accident.

The left knows exactly what they are doing. It’s part of the commie plan to destabilize the nation. As sure as the sun will rise, there are more people on the left who believe mowing down kids in a Christmas parade is fair payback for what they believe was an unfair Rittenhouse verdict.

Jackpuddings like Don Lemon spew lies of rampant “white supremacy” when the reality says something quite the opposite.