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Pelosi Holds January 6 Hearing, Americans Yawn

Pelosi Holds January 6 Hearing, Americans Yawn
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Fewer and fewer people care about the January 6 hearings, according to a recent poll, but Pelosi can’t let it go.

Quick Facts:

  • 49% of those polled said they tuned in to at least some of the hearing
  • One in 10 stated they watched all of it
  • Three out of five Democrats watched some of it
  • Nine% of Republicans watched some of it
  •  53% of all respondents now support the investigation, down from 66% in June and 58% a week ago
  • GOP voters who said Trump is at least somewhat responsible for the riot dropped from 30% to 27% since last month
  • Four out of five Democrats are now in favor of the probe, compared to about a quarter for Republicans and half of independents
Officer Weepy-Pants

Support for the hearings fell after a Capitol police officer wept when he claims Trump rioters called him a bad name. Some cops thought they “might die,” though they never thought to shoot anyone. Can someone explain why Ashli Babbitt was so threatening she had to get shot but none of these officers, though thinking they might die, didn’t even draw a gun? I asked that question on Twitter and Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona retweeted it!

Go Home, Vampira

Nancy Pelosi continues the myth that January 6 was an “insurrection” despite zero charges of sedition against any of the roughly 550 people arrested, including two 69-year-old people and a family of Trump supporters. Most of those arrested have been charged with trespassing. The Stazi FBI has taken heat for some of their actions regarding their tactics.

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Media Spin

Interest in the January 6 hearings is waning, but look at how a pinko news network tried to twist the story.

Why Continue The Hearings?

There are numerous reasons for Nancy to continue the embarrassing hearings. These reasons include, but are not limited to,

  • taking attention away from Biden maybe talking about his wiped butt
  • she is STILL trying to make Trump look like an ogre because she knows MAGA isn’t dead
  • Mollycoddle Adam Schiff is jealous of Andrew Cuomo and wants his own BS Emmy #FakeCry
  • Liz Cheney feels like the mean girl that got kicked off the cheerleading team and wants revenge
  • Democrats are horrible subhumans
  • Pelosi is a vampire that feasts on the blood of babies
  • The Democrats need to distract us as they continue to turn the United States into Commietown and want right-thinking Americans like you watching the hearings and not out buying ammo

Please feel free to add your own reasons to continue the hearings in the Comments section below.


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