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Feel-Good Story of the Day: 12-Year-Old Shoots Home Invader, Saves Mom

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File

Happiness Is a Warm Gun

A 12-year-old Louisiana lad shot and killed a home invader, saving his mom from who knows what.

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Brad LeBlanc, 32, approached the boy’s mom outside of her home and forced her indoors. LeBlanc was armed with a pistol. A physical struggle ensued between LeBlanc and the mother. The boy, fearing for his mother’s life, perforated LeBlanc with a single shot from his hunting rifle, ending the threat. First responders administered CPR to LeBlanc to no avail. He was declared dead at Lane Regional Medical Center. LeBlanc had two accomplices who escaped but were arrested days later.

Hero Boy Won’t Be Charged

“At this time, the East Feliciana Sheriff’s office has no evidence — whether it be physical evidence at the scene or testimony from witnesses — that would incriminate the 12-year-old, and therefore, at this time, we have no plans to bring charges against the 12-year-old child,” Sheriff Jeffrey Travis stated.

The sheriff added that the local prosecutor will have the final say on whether or not charges will be filed.

Several days after the attack, police located and arrested the accomplices, Johnathon Barker and Jennifer Bond. Barker will be charged with 2nd-degree murder for being an active participant in another crime, which resulted in a death, as well as principal to aggravated burglary and principal to aggravated kidnapping. Bond has thus far only been charged with accessory after the fact though the investigation is continuing.

Sheriff Travis said that he remains in touch with the mother and she told him the boy is in therapy after fatally shooting LeBlanc.

“The mother is understanding that he’s going to need some treatment and need to talk to people and helping him understand that he’s a very normal person that was put in an abnormal situation.” Sheriff Travis said.