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Left Hopes to Rebuild the Eugenics Movement Using Genetic Testing

“Eugenics is the self-direction of evolution,” boasts an early 20th-century poster. Frighteningly, if many on the left have their way, we’ll once again see posters touting eugenics popping up around our communities. In a video titled “Difference vs. Disease: A Question of Eugenics?” leftists ponder how to ethically employ eugenics.

With the video, which premiered on The Atlantic’s website, producer Jill Rosenbaum takes a look at the ethics behind parents using genetic screening to help determine whether or not they’re going to have an abortion. The Atlantic points out:

While making the film, it was important to Rosenbaum to avoid placing judgment on any of her interview subjects—many of whom have faced complex choices or life circumstances. “These issues are so personal,” Rosenbaum said. “What might be tolerable for one person in terms of risk may not be tolerable for somebody else. The thing that eugenics movement did is that it made decisions for people. It judged people.”

Ultimately, if you believe that a woman has the right to have an abortion, then you’re not going to be able to place judgment on a woman for choosing to abort her baby because of what genetic testing has revealed. This is playing out in countries like Iceland that have essentially rid themselves of those deemed undesirable, including children with Down syndrome. This is why Rosenbaum asks the nonsensical questions, “What’s a disease and what’s a difference? Who, if anyone, would even know how to draw ethical boundaries?”

Here’s an ethical boundary: we shouldn’t murder babies who are living in their mother’s womb — for ANY reason.

Sadly and ironically, after stating that she believes “that [abortion] is a fundamental right,” little person activist Rebecca Cokely, who served as President Obama’s chief diversity officer, agonizes over the conundrum that “it is hard to talk about the fact that people are going to abort kids who look like me.”

Of course, Cokely’s plan isn’t to tackle the actual problem – using genetic testing to justify aborting those who look like her. Her plan is to educate people about how little people live quality lives. Unfortunately, as Down syndrome activists can testify, humans are selfish and will not factor in Rebecca Cokely’s quality of life when making decisions about genetic testing and abortion.

As the video wraps up, genetic screening is touted for its ability to “spare families from horrible suffering.” Wrestling with the competing ethics of a woman’s right to an abortion versus eugenics, Dr. Ronald Wapner warns, “no matter what we do, the one line that we should never cross is this always has to be voluntary.”

As history tells us, leftist ideology has the habit of redefining “voluntary.” Don’t be surprised if pro-eugenics posters begin popping up in your hometown. And don’t be surprised to find out that “voluntary” means that they get to decide for you.