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Now They're Throwing Huge Concerts in a Packed Water Park in Wuhan, China

Xie Huanchi/Xinhua via AP

For the past five months, the entire civilized world has ground to a halt because of a virus that originated and spread in Wuhan, China. You’ve been told that if you leave the house without a mask, you’re #KillingGrandma. Unless, of course, you’re leaving the house to attend a Black Lives Matter protest. Or a Defund the Police protest. Or a Whatever the Hell This U.S. Postal Service Conspiracy Theory Is About protest.* That’s worth #KillingGrandma over. But going to work or sending your kids to school isn’t worth it, because then everybody will die because the virus knows the difference somehow. You don’t want your state to have a death toll like the ones in New York and New Jersey, which are also the states we’ve decided are success stories because the media is utterly corrupt.

We’ve also been told that referring to COVID-19 as “the Wuhan virus” is racist, because… um… I don’t know, really. It just is. It’s racist to associate a disease with its point of origin, unless the point of origin is the Ebola River. Or Marburg, Germany. Or any of the other disease names that aren’t racist because liberals don’t need them to be racist right now.

And just forget about the fact that the news media called it the “Wuhan virus” right up until the moment they decided it was racist. Right down the Memory Hole.

So, now that we’ve all purposely forgotten the significance of Wuhan, what’s the latest news from that place? How are they dealing with the virus that originated and spread in their city, which we’re not supposed to mention?

France 24:

Thousands of partygoers packed out a water park over the weekend in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus first emerged late last year, keen to party as the city edges back to normal life.

The popular Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park was filled with people frolicking in swimsuits and goggles for an electronic music festival, many perched on rubber dinghies or wading up to their chest in water…

Some of the crowd had donned life jackets, but none of the tightly-packed partygoers were seen to be wearing face masks as a DJ in bright yellow headphones played on stage…

The lockdown was lifted in April, and there have been no new domestically transmitted cases officially reported in Hubei province, where Wuhan is the capital, since mid-May.

Note: No reported cases. That’s because the Chinese Communist Party isn’t reporting them. And the American press doesn’t point that out because they need that Chinese money.

So if I go to my neighborhood Kroger without a mask, I’m a war criminal. But these folks can stand shoulder to shoulder in huge crowds and breathe all over each other, in the very city where this $#!+ started, and it’s just fine.

Now, there are two possibilities: Either these people will get sick or they won’t. If they do, the CCP will lie about it, just like they’ve lied about this virus from the beginning. So we’ll never know for sure. But if they don’t get sick… then what have the last five months been about? Why did we cripple the concert industry, and the movie industry, and the restaurant industry, and all the other businesses that are collapsing?

I don’t know what to believe about any of this anymore. I don’t know who’s lying to me from one day to the next. I just know that somebody always is.

*People are gathering in large groups to protest the possibility that they won’t be able to mail in their votes in November. They’re not staying home because… they want to be able to stay home. Makes about as much sense as anything else these geniuses have done lately.

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