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Avenatti Hauled Out of Disciplinary Hearing by Federal Agents

Michael Avenatti (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers)

If the Trump era has taught us anything, I’d be surprised. But if it has, it would be that the Italian word for schadenfreude is “Avenatti.” The once-ubiquitous attorney has seen better days. The man who was once courted as a possible Democratic presidential candidate is now remembered (if he’s remembered at all) as Creepy Porn Lawyer. All his tough talk about taking down Donald Trump and preventing Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was for nothing. All his promises were empty. And now, once again, the pugnacious pettifogger has been arrested.

Jason McGahan, Daily Beast:

Ex-Stormy Daniels lawyer and Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti was led out of the State Bar Court in Los Angeles by federal agents on Tuesday evening.

The arrest occurred outside the disciplinary hearing in which the State Bar of California has accused the hard-charging, tough-talking attorney of using a doctored document to scam a client out of nearly $840,000, funneling money from a lawsuit settlement fund to his own personal use…

As Avenatti was being led out of the courthouse, the normally garrulous lawyer said simply, “Completely innocent.”

Apparently he violated the terms of his pretrial release. Getting arrested while you’re in court for another crime is some next-level $#!+. Avenatti is also in legal trouble in New York. Presumably he’s “completely innocent” there too.

Now CPL stands for “Contemplating Prison Life.”

Avenatti isn’t embarrassed about any of these problems he’s created for himself, because he’s incapable of shame. No matter what he does, no matter how awful he is, he always says it’s somebody else’s fault. He really would’ve been a perfect presidential candidate. But if you’re one of the many, many desperate people who cheered on Avenatti because you hate Trump so much that you don’t care about anything else, maybe now you’ve learned something. It’s unlikely, but then, I’m an incurable optimist.

Has anybody checked on Brian Stelter?

P.S. Please don’t heckle any of these people today. That would be wrong.