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VIDEO: Fed-Up Working-Class London Commuters Drag Extinction Rebellion Protesters Off Trains

VIDEO: Fed-Up Working-Class London Commuters Drag Extinction Rebellion Protesters Off Trains
People with the group "Extinction Rebellion" block traffic on 13th St NW in Washington in a demonstration urging climate action, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019, in Washington, part of the 'Shut Down DC' protest for action on the climate crisis. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

What happens when a bunch of trust-fund environmentalists try to stop commuters in a working-class area of London from going about their day? What happens when middle-class idiots try to take food out of the mouths of poor children? Nothing the brainiacs at Extinction Rebellion ever want to live through again, that’s for sure.

Joel Adams, Daily Mail:

Furious Londoners turned on Extinction Rebellion today with crowds of commuters dragging protesters down from the roofs of Tube carriages to rough them up on the station platform…

As their eco-protest enters its 11th day XR activists launched a co-ordinated strike on three London Underground stations, clambering on top of carriages and glueing themselves to doors despite Monday’s city-wide ban issued by the Met Police.

But their efforts to disrupt public transport were met with a furious backlash from commuters, industry groups and politicians leading one XR spokesman to admit the move had been a ‘huge own goal’.

Take a look at these guys realizing they’ve made a huge mistake:

Extinction Rebellion, meet Employed Rebellion. The workers control the means of instruction.

I don’t condone violence, and I wish that crowd had found another way to express their frustration. I also don’t have any sympathy for those dummies who got roughed up. Not everybody has the luxury of screwing around on a Thursday morning and pretending they’re saving the world by making people late for work. Those folks have bills to pay and mouths to feed, ’cause ain’t nothin’ in this world for free. If you threaten their livelihood by acting like a moron, it’s not going to go your way. Scold them all you like, but it’s not going to change the outcome the next time you try something this stupid. Live and learn.

Besides, I thought environmentalists loved public transportation. Aren’t we all supposed to get rid of our cars and pack ourselves into trains to save the planet? Guess that’s not the way to utopia anymore.

These pinheads use victimhood as currency, and this is a big payday:

A bunch of white dudes disrupting a working-class area just compared themselves to Rosa Parks. They need to crack open a history book sometime, because Rosa Parks wasn’t trying to stop anybody from going anywhere.

If you don’t want to get swarmed by a crowd of angry people who are late for work, don’t make them late for work. They haven’t done anything to you, and they don’t deserve to be punished for your delusions. Sorry if that’s harsh. Shrug emoji.

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