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Aussie Vegan Sues Neighbors Over Smell of Backyard Barbecue

Does anybody like vegans? Do even vegans like vegans? I’ve long believed that veganism isn’t so much a lifestyle as it is a symptom, or in some cases perhaps a cause, of mental illness. It goes beyond a concern for the wellbeing of animals. Many vegans simply hate humanity and are guilt-ridden about being a part of it. Existence itself makes them miserable, and they’re determined to share that misery with as many people as possible.

So if you’re a vegan, you probably see the unhappy wretch in this next story as some sort of hero. Shireen Khalil,

Frustrated vegan Cilla Carden is so fed up with her two neighbours she has taken them to court over the meat and smoke smells coming from their barbecue.

The Perth woman said she couldn’t enjoy her backyard in the suburb of Girrawheen, claiming her neighbours deliberately allow their barbecue meat and fish smells to waft into her yard…

The massage therapist has been embroiled in a battle with Toan Vu, his wife and children since late 2018…

She told Nine News she believed her neighbours were “absolutely deliberate” in allowing their smells to cross into her yard.

Yes, the Vu family deliberately, um… cooks food of their own choice, on their own property. They’re not making this sad woman eat any of it. They’re just feeding their family, like millions of people around the world do every day. They’re enjoying their lives, which is agony to people like Cilla Carden.

It’s worth noting that Vu is a Vietnamese name, and Vietnamese cuisine incorporates a lot of meat, seafood, and aromatic herbs. Sounds like the Vu family are practicing their culture’s unique way of life, as is commonly accepted in Western societies. Immigration is good, isn’t it? Cultural differences should be celebrated, shouldn’t they?

But fortunately for Ms. Carden, she’s a liberal and therefore she can’t be accused of racism.

Now some pranksters on Facebook are organizing something called “Community BBQ for Cilla Carden.” They plan to grill up a bunch of dead animals in her neighborhood. Not on her property, but within sniffin’ distance. That’s taking it a little too far for my taste, assuming they actually go through with it. But I’m not too sympathetic to Carden either, because she’s the one who decided to turn her neighbor’s backyard barbecue into world news. She’ll just have to hold her delicate little nose, or else move somewhere without the smelly foreigners she hates so much.

You’ll find no such bigotry here. I send all my best to the Vu family, and to all other meat-eating lovers of liberty everywhere. Let the vegans whine about the wonderful smell as you fill your bellies with delicious, nutritious animal flesh. Mmmmmm, freedom!