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Fran Lebowitz: 'We Should Turn Trump Over to the Saudis' Who Killed Khashoggi

Back in 2013, a rodeo clown in Missouri caused a national scandal by wearing an Obama mask. Somehow it was a threat to the president’s life. A mask. On a rodeo clown. In Missouri. And it was also racist, of course, because Obama’s dad was black.

That was then. This is now. Hillary lost, so anything goes.

Right, Fran Lebowitz?

Ha ha, funny joke. Even the L.A. audience seems reluctant to cheer too loudly.

For his part, Maher did draw a near-pseudo-apology out of Lebowitz later in the show, because it’s no fun getting a visit from the Secret Service:

I’m not sure that’s really a “clarification,” but whatever. So she regrets saying it, and also everybody “misinterpreted” it. Plus, Bill Maher is just so put-upon. Is this really where we’re at as a country, when you’re expected to apologize for saying you want to kill the president? Poor Bill.

Look, I’m fine with people joking about whatever they want to joke about. But if I’m “inciting violence” by merely criticizing a Democrat — hi, Ilhan! — then something like this is definitely “inciting violence.” And if you say it, just own it. Don’t claim you were “misinterpreted.” You weren’t.

How about one standard for everybody? I know it’ll never happen, but it sure would be nice.