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Buttimania Sweeps America's Newsrooms

(AP Photo/South Bend Tribune, Marcus Marter)

I grew up in Indiana, and if you had told me as a child that one day my state would field a presidential candidate who’s gay and whose last name starts with “Butt,” it would’ve been amusing. Of course, I’m much more mature now and there’s nothing funny about it mostly.

Like Beto O’Rourke* before him, Mayor Pete is having what they call a “moment.” Now he’s the one who’s going to save America from Trump, according to the media and other people who are smarter than you. And like Betomania, it’s fun to watch Buttimania take hold of the chattering classes. When they drool over him, it’s strictly unbiased and impartial.

Here’s a supercut of their swooning, courtesy of the great David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon:

It’s particularly fun to watch Morning Joe mooning after him, considering they gave Trump millions of dollars in free airtime in 2016. But hey, their preferred candidate did win last time…

And check out New York magazine’s glowing cover story. Literally!

I think they like him.

Pete’s obviously a smart guy, but he’s also a Democrat, which means he has to pretend to be dumb enough to think Democrat policies actually work in real life. His latest bit of pandering to the base is the idea of abolishing the Electoral College. After all, that’s why the last Democrat lost, right? Once all these journalists stop fanning themselves, maybe one of them can ask Pete why he’s campaigning in Iowa.

And as a Democrat, he has to be dishonest enough to stab a former colleague and fellow Hoosier in the back:

Yep, Pence has harmed Buttigieg so much that he’s now a viable presidential candidate who’s on every single channel. Stop oppressing him, Mike.

Pete also wowed ’em yesterday with his fluency in French:

Gotta admit, that’s impressive. President Buttigieg would save a lot of taxpayer money on translators. Quite a step up from the guy who thought Austrian was a language.

And now Mayor Pete has some personal news:

Wow. This guy really can do anything!

All homophobic hate speech aside, Buttigieg seems okay for a Democrat. I can’t vote for a red-diaper baby with such a fundamental misunderstanding of the very concept of freedom, and his continuing efforts to play victim are ridiculous, but at least he’s slightly less irritating than the other 352 candidates for president. Now the test will be to see how many Bernie Bros become Butti Bros.

Buttigieg 2020: Tough to Say in Any Language

*I heard somebody say Pete is just Beto with a tie, a husband, and a Rosetta Stone subscription. That somebody was me.