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New York Post Unloads on Ilhan Omar for Her Dumb 'Some People Did Something' 9/11 Comment

If you want to know my opinion about Ilhan Omar, click here. I’m not going to rehash all that, but the short version is that I don’t like her anti-Semitism, her anti-Americanism, and her general dishonesty, and I don’t like that her fellow Democrats keep making excuses for her. She’s protected by an aura of identity politics, an intersectionality forcefield. Every criticism is deflected with: “You just hate/fear her because she’s black/Muslim/female/all of the above.” When in doubt, cry victim.

And so it is with the latest controversy this dummy has stumbled into:

I suppose that’s one way to describe the 9/11 attackers: “Some people did something.” She’s not wrong. They were people (genetically speaking, at least), and they didn’t do nothing.

But even her supporters must realize that her description of the event was a bit vague and incomplete. To provide some necessary context, here’s the front page of today’s New York Post:

This seems fair to me. If a Republican described some horrific atrocity as merely “Some people did something,” wouldn’t Democrats remind him of the grim facts? Wouldn’t they resist any efforts to downplay or dismiss it? They still go after Trump for the stuff he said right after 9/11. If that’s fair game, so is this.

But if you think this is an effective method of reminding Omar and her defenders that what happened on September 11, 2001, wasn’t just “something,” guess what that makes you? HINT: It starts with an “r” and rhymes with “racist.”

See? Intersectionality forcefield. Omar’s identity shields her from all criticism. Quoting her accurately and in context is a smear. She’s a strong, proud black woman and a Muslim, which is why you must give her preferential treatment or you’re a bigot.

No wonder libs are so angry all the time. You’d be jittery and sleep-deprived too, if you constantly had to rewrite reality on the fly.