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BuzzFeed and HuffPo Just Got Hit with the Karma Stick and We Are HERE for It

A Catholic school in Kentucky had to shut down this week due to hundreds of death threats, because a bunch of self-described journalists spread a disgusting smear that they were too lazy to check out for themselves. Pardon me if I don’t weep for those guardians of truth less than a week later, as they pack up their desks.

Colin Dwyer, NPR:

BuzzFeed has announced that it plans to lay off 15 percent of its overall workforce next week. In a message to employees on Wednesday, CEO Jonah Peretti explained that although revenue has grown rapidly, “unfortunately, revenue growth by itself isn’t enough to be successful in the long run…”

BuzzFeed says it employs about 1,450 people and has offices in 18 cities around the world. More than 200 people across the company are expected to lose their jobs in the coming round of layoffs — just over a year after another restructuring effort resulted in about 100 lost jobs, mostly on the business side of its operations.

The Huffington Post is also laying off a bunch of people, as is the Gannett newspaper chain. Even DC Comics is laying people off this week. It’s a tough time for the publishing industry.

I’m not glad to hear about anybody who works for a living getting laid off. It’s happened to me before, it’ll probably happen to me again, and I don’t wish it on anybody. But if it needs to happen, there’s one subset within this group of unemployed scribblers who have not earned my sympathy: Anybody who joined the mob against those Covington Catholic kids.

A lot of the people who just got laid off have spent the past week railing against those kids. Here’s just one of the many, many examples:

There you are just minding your own business, rage-mobbing a group of children, and 48 hours later you’re out on your ass. No good deed goes unpunished, huh?

Sorry to pick on that guy, but… damn. If that were me, if my karma were that instant, I might take some time to think about the life decisions that brought me to that point.

Some of these “journalists” stopped tormenting those kids when the truth came out. Some of them have pivoted and are now coming up with different angles of attack. And maybe some of them have learned something from their enormous mistake with very serious real-world consequences. Anything’s possible, I guess.

But this is going to follow that kid for the rest of his life. He’s always going to be the “Racist MAGA Hat Kid.” Our betters haven’t stopped Trump, but at least they showed that guy.

I guess that’s where I draw the line, attacking kids for the red hats they bought that same day and dared to wear in public. If you saw the hats and instantly knew everything you needed to know about those boys, maybe you’re a lousy journalist and you need to find a new job anyway.

Is that too cruel? Is that spiking the ball? Well, sorry if you don’t like me speaking truth to power. And these people have very real power, which they’ve abused to spread a disgusting lie so widely, so quickly, that those harmless Catholic schoolboys are now scared for their lives. If these people had their way, that kid — who did literally nothing but smile while an old man banged a drum inches from his face — would’ve been expelled already.

If you’re one of the people who has done this to those kids, sorry I’m not sorry you’re looking for a new job. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

When the Weekly Standard shut down last month, a lot of Trumpkins rejoiced along with their idol because the magazine had dared to stand up to him. That’s not what this is. I have no love for Trump. But attacking a bunch of kids just for daring to put on his hats? What the hell is wrong with these parasites?

I’m not jumping for joy about anybody getting laid off. But after watching the behavior of these self-appointed guardians of the truth over the past week, if you could see the look on my face right now…

I guess you’d call it a smirk.

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