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Make America Great Again by Cheering When People Lose Their Jobs at Christmastime

The Weekly Standard closed down last Friday after 23 years, four presidents, and one generation that has come of age believing that real socialism has never been tried. The warning signs of the magazine's demise were there for weeks in advance, if not months, so it gave MAGA Nation plenty of time to plan their parade.

A lot of people hated TWS because it dared to criticize Trump. He ran and won as a candidate for the Republican Party, so Republicans are just supposed to march in lockstep with him. That's what the word "conservative" has come to mean in 2018 America. Being a "conservative" means shutting up and doing as you're told. But the magazine didn't accept that everything Trump says is true and everything he does is good, just because he's on "the same team." They thought for themselves and called it like they saw it.

And that was simply unforgivable:

Well, if anybody knows about failed businesses, it's Trump.

The president of the United States is celebrating because a bunch of Americans just lost their jobs two weeks before Christmas. I was relentlessly critical of Obama for eight long years, and I can't imagine him doing this.*

If you've paid any attention to Trump's public statements, you know this could've been written by an algorithm:

[Hostile adjective] + [Hostile adjective] + [Name of somebody who has criticized Trump] + [Factual inaccuracy] + [Parting taunt punctuated with exclamation point]

The only surprise is that he used "prognosticator" correctly in a sentence. I wouldn't have prognosticated that, so kudos to President Trump on that one.

Trump didn't always feel that way about the magazine, of course. Why, just a few years ago he was saying stuff like this:

But then, that was before they hurt his feelings. If you boost Trump's ego, you're good. If you bruise it in any way, you're bad. It's really not complicated. A lot of people seem to like that about him, though, and they're welcome to it.

I think some of the criticism of Bill Kristol is warranted. He has allowed his visceral dislike of one man to overtake his common sense at times. He's gone full #OrangeManBad. But I'm not cheering the fact that Kristol's employees are spending their Christmas looking for new jobs, probably because I'm a cuck RINO traitor too.