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They Didn't Stop Kavanaugh from Coaching, Either

Brett Kavanaugh chats with girls he has coached in basketball during a break in the third day of his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

It’s been almost two months since the highly coordinated, utterly mendacious smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh failed and he was confirmed to the Supreme Court. He is now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and there’s nothing the libs can do about it. They lied as loudly as they could, they burned up their last remaining shreds of credibility to try to stop him, they literally banged on the doors of the Supreme Court, and none of it worked. They didn’t accomplish their goal and ruin his life. Their only real achievement was reminding sane, rational Americans why we’re not Democrats.

And now that it’s over, now that the Dems’ failure is as abject and complete as humanly imaginable, somehow it’s national news when Kavanaugh goes back to doing the same things he did before he became the left’s latest Emmanuel Goldstein.

Here’s an excerpt from Ann Marimow’s story in WaPo:

Brett Kavanaugh has his new day job on the nation’s highest court but is still “Coach K” on the basketball court.

The Supreme Court’s newest justice was back in action over the Thanksgiving holiday leading his younger daughter’s team to the championship game of a tournament in the Washington suburbs…

The presence of Kavanaugh’s Secret Service detail added a new dimension to the tournament. One father, whose son was playing in the tournament, tweeted a photo of Kavanaugh on the court at DeMatha Catholic High School.

WaPo’s story is fairly neutral, but one eagle-eyed reader noticed something odd about its placement in the paper:

“Public Safety”? What’s that all about? What conceivable threat to public safety is posed by Brett Kavanaugh coaching basketball?

WaPo’s Wesley Lowery, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Getting Kicked Out of McDonald’s National Reporting, patiently explained:

Yeah, okay. Maybe it’s just an innocent mistake. It’s just weird that such innocent mistakes tend to land on one side of the aisle. It’s even weirder that our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press still assume we should give them the benefit of the doubt, after what they tried to do to Kavanaugh.

As Ashe Schow at Daily Wire reminds us, last September Erik Brady at USA Today went so far as to assert:

“The nation is deeply divided. Sometimes it feels like we don’t agree on anything anymore. But credibly accused sex offenders should not coach youth basketball, girls or boys, without deeper investigation. Can’t we all agree on that?”

USA Today stealth-edited the hell out of the piece and added an editor’s note that didn’t explain anything. The paper still hasn’t apologized to Kavanaugh.

And isn’t it odd how quickly they’ve abandoned the “credibly accused” standard? I guess the accusations against Michael Avenatti aren’t credible. Apparently, #BelieveWomen goes only so far.

I’m glad Brett Kavanaugh is getting back to life as normal, or as normal as possible. I don’t know how much he resents the way he was treated, but I’m not about to forget about it anytime soon. Speaking as a cuck RINO #NeverTrump traitor who probably voted for Hillary (no matter how many times I insist I didn’t), I will never vote for a Democrat as long as I live. When they went all-in to try to destroy a completely innocent man, they proved they’re even less trustworthy than I ever imagined.

Remember Kavanaugh.