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Five Very Bad Targets for ISIS

The horrible attacks in Paris were against soft targets — cafes and music halls. The one attack that failed was because of security outside the Stade de France. Similarly, in the United States, there are American hard targets that ISIS dare not attack. Here are five.

5. States With High Concealed-Carry Usage

The idiots in ISIS probably don’t realize that in the United States, every state has different laws when it comes to firearms. These varying laws have a direct impact on public safety.

A single armed citizen with a concealed .38 or 9mm, particularly in close quarters, can save lives.  A shooter facing a counter-shooter must concentrate on the counter-shooter while innocents might stream through the exits. An armed citizen with a concealed firearm would save lives in such a soft-target attack. It’s no accident that Americans have rushed to purchase firearms in the last few days and applied for concealed-carry permits.

So what are the states that make it easiest to carry a concealed firearm, and thus could present the biggest threat to a would-be ISIS madman? The idiots in ISIS should avoid the two shades of blue, the current “Shall Issue” and “No Permit Required” states:

ISIS Paris Gun Rights Map

(Image via NRA-ILA)

4. NASCAR Events

Speaking of concealed-carry use, this weekend, four-time Cup champ Jeff Gordon might have a storybook ending and race to another championship in his final season few thought possible.  Outside of the race, there will be lots of drinking and probably lots of concealed firearms, and many not so concealed. Not a soft target.

Paris Attacks ISIS Nascar

3. Gun Shows

Liberals hate gun shows. They want it to be hard for Americans to enjoy their Second Amendment rights. An ISIS idiot who pulls out a Kalashnikov at a gun show will last about ten seconds.

ISIS Paris attacks Shot Show

2. The NRA Convention

The National Rifle Association holds their annual convention in May in Louisville, Kentucky. For ISIS idiots unfamiliar with the NRA, look at it this way: you might last ten seconds at a gun show; at the NRA convention, you’d be lucky to last three.

NRA Stand and Fight

1. The Home of a Soldier or Marine

Even though President Obama insists that soldiers and marines be soft targets while on base, be assured that at home they are not. They’ve dealt with this sort before — in places like Khafji, Kamdesh and Fallujah. When off-base, American vets are the hardest of targets.

ISIS Paris attacks US soldier family