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It Gets Worse: Asians Harassed in D.C. for Wearing MAGA Hats Were North Korean Defectors

It Gets Worse: Asians Harassed in D.C. for Wearing MAGA Hats Were North Korean Defectors
Thugs harass MAGA-hat-wearing North and South Korean aide workers in Washington DC. Image via Twitter.

On Wednesday, PJ Media told you about a group of Asians who were harassed in the street because they were wearing MAGA hats.

An individual who goes by “Bigalow Black” on Twitter proudly posted a short video clip on April 30 showing several street thugs harassing a group of what looked like Asian tourists.

“Not Around Here Pimp…Ain’t None Of That Make America Great Again Sh*t,” wrote Black, who hails from Washington D.C., and Miami, according to his Twitter profile.

The video shows a group of black men surrounding the Asians, grabbing the MAGA hats off their heads, and throwing one of them in the air before stomping on it.

After PJ Media posted the story, Bigalow Black removed the tweet. But others on Twitter made copies.

The original tweet, which highlighted the ugly attack on defenseless tourists, was retweeted 3.8 thousand times and liked 7.9 thousand times. Disgracefully, thousands of shameless and un-self-aware Twitter users in Bigalow Black’s timeline cheered on the attack.

It gets worse. PJ Media has since learned more about the individuals who were attacked.

“The Asians wearing MAGA hats were not just tourists,” Wendy Wright, president of Christian Freedom International, told PJ Media. “They are North Korean defectors and South Koreans who get rice, medicine, and Bibles into North Korea and North Korean defectors out.”

The attack happened in Washington, D.C, Wright said.

Just days before President Trump met with Kim Jong-un in February, North Korea announced that it was facing a food crisis. Daily rations were cut and it was reported that 41 percent of North Koreans were undernourished. These Korean aid workers were in America as part of an effort to bring relief to starving North Koreans.

The video below shows defectors from North Korea preparing and launching (across the river) bottles filled with rice, medicine, and Bibles.

Recent defectors say they ate rice that appeared on the shores of North Korea.

It is common knowledge that foreign aid through official channels is diverted to the army. The best goes to elites as the rural poor starve.

Over 1,300 pounds of rice is sent in each rice bottle launch. The 2-liter plastic bottles hold food worth more than one month’s wage. Bibles are in the North Korean language.

Christian Freedom International helps with these relief efforts.

Wright told PJ Media by email that members of the group had bought the hats Monday night in a souvenir shop in Washington and that the assault happened Tuesday morning — the day Bigalow Black posted the video on Twitter. The thugs stole three of their hats, but the group didn’t call the police, according to Wright. “They were not hurt, but they said that may be because they did not fight back,” Wright said.

She told PJ Media that the Koreans were shocked that something like this could happen in America.

“They came from a totalitarian country that does not allow free speech or freedom of thought, and could not believe this assault on belief would take place in the U.S.,” she explained. “They were really shocked that this could happen and knew it was not random vandalism but it was an assault on free speech.”

One of the South Koreans said of the attack:

Two of us were North Korean defectors, who escaped for freedom. They had to save up money for a long time to come. We thought America is a democracy. But we had no freedom to wear a hat? We came here to speak out about human rights abuses. And we had no right to wear a hat? We thank Trump. The sanctions are working. The North Korean regime should be collapsed.

Wright said the Koreans are on their way back to South Korea.

It is unfortunate that these heroic North and South Koreans had to see this ugly side of America during their visit and have their positive impressions of our once-great land shattered.

On a more positive note, Wright told PJ Media that before they left D.C., the Korean aid workers bought three more MAGA hats.