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Portland 'Abolish ICE' Activists Decapitate President Trump Effigy

Abolish I.C.E PDX agitators hold a mock public execution of President Trump.

To mark the one-month anniversary of the establishment of what they call “an Autonomous Zone” outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland, Oregon, anti-ICE agitators held a raucous “dance party” of a distinctly Jacobin sort. During their celebration, the activists rolled out a guillotine and held a mock public execution of President Trump.

The Abolish I.C.E PDX occupiers “celebrated with songs and chants at the nightly vigil, joined by the community,” the pro-antifa website “It’s Going Down” reported with pride.

“As the evening progressed there were demonstrations of de-escalation techniques, and someone rolled out the guillotine for a street theater demonstration,” the report continued.

The “street theater demonstration” consisted of Abolish I.C.E PDX occupiers holding a mock public execution of the duly-elected president of the United States, decapitating an effigy of President Trump using a makeshift guillotine. After shrieking “off with his head!”,  the anarchists counted down from ten and released the blade to the cheers of the bloodthirsty crowd.

The impulse by leftists to publicly execute political opponents in a manner reminiscent of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror is disturbing to say the least, and as Far left Watch reports, it is “alarmingly prevalent in far-left circles.”

Spurred by President Trump’s tough immigration policies, Abolish ICE protests and occupations have sprung up in New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tacoma, Chicago and other cities. The agitators, who are led by local anarchist organizations and chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America, are calling for the abolition of ICE.

Federal police in riot gear dismantled the Occupy camp at the Portland ICE facility on June 28, arresting seven activists and detaining two, but the Occupiers vowed to fight on, shifting their encampment to property nearby, which is not federally owned.

Eight more of the Portland occupiers were arrested on July 11 after they tried to block a transport van from leaving the facility.

Abolish I.C.E PDX protesters have vowed to remain encamped near the Portland ICE office until the facility is permanently shut down.

Since the start of the “Abolish ICE” campaign, far-left extremists across the nation have occupied and shut down public roadways, doxed and threatened ICE employees and their family members, and attacked and vandalized a GOP headquarters in Nebraska, according to Far Left Watch.