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Dem Activist Arrested for Sending Threatening Letters with White Powder to Donald Trump Jr.

A 24-year-old Democrat activist from Beverly, Massachusetts, has been charged with sending threatening letters containing white powder to Donald Trump Jr. and several other people.

Daniel Frisiello has been charged with “five counts of mailing a threat to cause injury and five counts of making hoax threats, after allegedly sending letters containing powder to five different addresses” last month.

On February 12, Don Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Trump, was briefly hospitalized as a precaution after receiving a letter containing white powder that was later deemed to be non-hazardous. Two other people in the apartment were taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center as well, according to the New York City Fire Department.

Frisiello posted the story on his Facebook page:

According to his Facebook intro, Frisiello is a program assistant at Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston.

In the past month, Frisiello has posted lots of anti-gun, anti-NRA material in response to the Parkland school shooting, as well as a variety of pro-Obama, anti-Trump, anti-GOP, pro-LGBTQ and RussiaGate material on the social media platform.

His “likes” include “Everytown for Gun Safety,” Joe Scarborough, Newsweek, Adam Schiff, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Mueller, Tom Steyer, “We Support LGBT,” Sean King, “We Resist,” “Boycott All Things Trump,” “We Love the Obamas,” Al Gore, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

According to his FEC file, dug up by Rebel Media’s John Cardillo, Frisiello has donated to Act Blue and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

On Twitter, Frisiello goes by @smurdoch01.

According to the complaint written by Postal Inspector Michael J. Connelly, the letter to Trump was postmarked from Boston on Feb. 7, and included a hostile message along with the “unknown suspicious white powder”: “You are an awful, awful person. I am surprised that your father lets you speak on TV,” Frisiello allegedly wrote. “You make the family idiot, Eric, look smart. This is the reason why people hate you, so you are getting what you deserve. So shut the [expletive] UP!”

Frisiello’s other letters also allegedly contained white powder that was later found to be non-hazardous. Those letters targeted three people involved in high-profile legal controversies involving sexual abuse, and one involving a Trump-supporting California Republican congressional candidate with Jewish roots.

In each of his letters to the people entangled in the legal controversies, Frisiello seemed to take the side of sexual abusers. For instance, he sent a letter to California U.S. Attorney Nicola T. Hanna, “blaming her for the death of former Glee actor Mark Salling, who reportedly killed himself on Jan. 30 while awaiting sentencing on child pornography charges.”

Another letter was sent to Stanford University Professor Michele Dauber, who had advocated for the victim of convicted rapist Brock Turney and had worked to recall Judge Aaron Persky, who was criticized across the United States for sentencing Turner to six months in jail.

“Since you are going to disrobe Persky, I am going to treat you like ‘Emily Doe,’ ” Frisiello allegedly wrote. “Let’s see what kind of sentence I get for being a rich white male.”

Frisiello also allegedly used the website (now offline) to send Dauber a “glitter bomb” with the same message as the white powder envelope he had already sent her, not a brilliant move since it helped investigators uncover his identity.

The fourth letter, sent to Michigan Sen. Deborah Stabenow, was postmarked on Feb. 12 and opened by an individual in Stabenow’s office. The message inside criticized Stabenow for her comments sympathizing with Randy Margrave, the father of three victims of former USA Gymnastics team doctor and serial sexual abuser Larry Nassar, who tried to attack Nassar during a sentencing hearing in February.

“If you condone Margraves [sic] reaction to his daughter’s testimony on Dr. Nassar, you are no better than he is. You deserve what is coming to you like he is thinking you’re a [expletive] version of a vigilante,” Frisiello allegedly wrote.

The fifth letter included both white powder and a series of anti-Semitic slurs directed at California Republican Congressional candidate Antonion Sabato Jr, an Italian actor and Trump supporter with Jewish roots.

Frisiello’s arrest warrant was issued on Feb. 28, and the criminal complaint against him was released Thursday morning.


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