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Cop-Hating Antifa Professor No Longer Employed by John Jay College

Michael Isaacson, the John Jay College professor who gained notoriety last fall after he tweeted “off the pigs” and “dead cops are good” among other hideous things, no longer has his job according to The Daily Caller.

The school placed Isaacson, who is also a co-founder of Smash Racism DC, on administrative leave on September 15 after his anti-cop tweets created an uproar. Isaacson’s involvement with #DisruptJ20, the far left’s attempt to violently disrupt President Trump’s inauguration, was also caught on tape by Project Veritas, as seen here and here.

In a statement to the  Daily Caller News Foundation earlier this week, John Jay College said that Isaacson no longer teaches at the school. It is not clear exactly when or if the former economics professor was terminated.

Isaacson’s vicious, anti-cop opinions on Twitter first drew attention with this nasty tweet from August 23:

That was just one of many shocking, anti-police statements he has shared:

Internet sleuths later discovered that Isaacson (@VulgarEconomics on Twitter) has a fetish website profile in which he describes himself as “polyamorous” and “pansexual” and claims to be turned on by waterboarding, choking, smothering, anal sex, group sex, bondage, and other disgusting and depraved sex fetishes.

Now, with more time on his hands, @VulgarEconomics continues to tweet sickening anti-cop material with reckless abandon:

On Sunday, Isaacson tweeted “burn a police station for me, Philly” following reports of disorderly conduct after the Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles game:

He then asked, “is Tom Brady still a Trump supporter?” and “can I please get more Eagles NFC riot porn please and thank [sic]?”

PJ Media reached out to John Jay College requesting more information. The school didn’t immediately respond to the request for comment.


Statement from John Jay College:

Mr. Isaacson is no longer teaching at John Jay.  In regard to expressions of hate or intimidation, please review our previous statement,