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Cop-Hating Antifa Prof. Exposed as 'Polyamorous,' 'Pansexual' Perv With Many Fetishes

Antifa Professor Michael Isaacson appears on Fox News' Kennedy.

Michael Isaacson, the "antifa professor" who was placed on leave after several of his shockingly hostile anti-police tweets were made public, has a dark and frankly repulsive secret that is now not-so secret.

PJ Media covered Isaacson's heinous anti-cop exploits here and here and his involvement with #DisruptJ20 as a leader of the violent antifa group Smash Racism (as caught on tape by Project Veritas) here and here.

Internet sleuths discovered that Isaacson (@VulgarEconomics on Twitter) has a fetish website profile in which he describes himself as "polyamorous" and "pansexual" and claims to be turned on by waterboarding, choking, smothering, anal sex, group sex, bondage and other nasty, depraved sex fetishes.

Here is the complete list (some of which you may -- or may not want to look up):

"420 [marijuana], acab, anal sex, androgyny, antifa, bashing fascists, black bloc sex parties, breast/nipple play, butt plugs, choking, communism, cunnilingus, face f*cking, face sitting/smothering, gender play, multiple orgasms, radical queers, riding crops, seizing the means of production, smothering."

Isaacson says he’s “curious” about the following:

"a$$ worship, calling my subs [submissive] dirty fascist lapdog whores, group sex, mummification, pegging, predicament bondage, puppy play, self-bondage, suspension bondage, water boarding."

Isaacson remains employed as an adjunct professor at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice while the administration "reviews" his offensive posts -- which include tweets that say "dead cops are a good thing," "it's a privilege to teach future dead cops," and "off the pigs."

KIWI Farms has screenshots of Isaacson's most violent and sexually deviant tweets -- which go way beyond what most people would consider normal.

Peruse at your own risk.

But it gets worse.

James O'Keefe caught Isaacson, a co-founder of the antifa group Smash Racism, on tape back in January plotting out ways to shut down the metro in Washington, D.C., during President Trump's inauguration.

He can also be be seen in  the second Project Veritas DisruptJ20 sting video urging fellow agitators to "throat punch" Trump supporters attending the inauguration. Isaacson justified the violence by portraying all Trump supporters as Nazis.

"Generally speaking, Nazis will only actually attack people if they strongly outnumber them because Nazis are essentially cowards. So if it's three of them and a homeless guy, they're going to beat him up. If it's one of them and like six other people, they're gonna run the f*ck away," he said.

Isaacson added, "Bring it, throat punching is probably a good thing."

When one of the saner-sounding agitators asked Isaacson if physically attacking people in the streets was actually a good idea, he answered: "Ultimately, the question is one of political power, right? So I mean if there's media present, you probably don't want to start a fight. You might, like, get arrested, later." He added, "But like -- if they feel safe to take the streets, they will convince their friends that they are also safe to take the streets."