Project Veritas: DisruptJ20 Agitator Was Definitely NOT Joking About 'Throat Punching' Trump Supporters

In the second Project Veritas DisruptJ20 sting video released earlier this week, a protester was caught on camera urging fellow agitators to engage in a practice known as "throat punching."

Mike Isaacson of "Smash Racism DC" justified the violence by portraying Trump supporters as Nazis:

"Generally speaking, Nazis will only actually attack people if they strongly outnumber them because Nazis are essentially cowards. So if it's three of them and a homeless guy, they're going to beat him up. If it's one of them and like six other people, they're gonna run the f*ck away," he said.

He added, "Bring it, throat punching is probably a good thing."

That, according to DisruptJ20 spokeswoman Lacy MacAuley, was a "joke":

Thursday afternoon, O'Keefe dropped a video clip on Twitter that included the rest of the conversation about "throat punching."

Isaacson later is heard advising a questioner that the time to do the throat-punching is when he comes into close proximity with large groups of "Nazis."

"So if a Nazi is out in public with other Nazis being a Nazi, they are not in a position to be convinced of anything. Period," he said.

One of the saner-sounding agitators asked Isaacson if physically attacking people in the streets might be a little counterproductive and make the group look bad.

"Ultimately, the question is one of political power, right? So I mean if there's media present, you probably don't want to start a fight. You might, like, get arrested, later," Isaacson answered. He added, "But like -- if they feel safe to take the streets, they will convince their friends that they are also safe to take the streets."