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Trump Supporters and Anti-Trump Agitators Clash at #March4Trump Rallies Across America

Trump Supporters and Anti-Trump Agitators Clash at #March4Trump Rallies Across America
Trump supporter Jim Templeton, left, yells at an anti-Trump protester at a rally for President Donald Trump at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, Calif., (Dan Honda/East Bay Times via AP)

Thousands of President Trump’s supporters rallied in dozens of cities around the country Saturday in “March 4 Trump” demonstrations to show their support for the embattled president.

The rallies were intended to provide a platform for grassroots activists who voted for President Trump to show unity in the face of overwhelming criticism and hostility toward their president and his agenda.

Rallies were scheduled in at least 50 cities, including Nashville, Phoenix, Boston, Denver, Miami, St. Paul, Washington, D.C., Overland Park, Kan., and Berkeley, Calif.

In several cities, Trump supporters were met by anti-Trump demonstrators, resulting in violent clashes and arrests. The vast majority of arrestees on Saturday were anti-Trump agitators.

Activists protesting the rally in Berkeley included members of By Any Many Necessary (BAMN) and other violent “antifa” (anti-fascist) groups — the same crew that wreaked havoc during the anti-Milo riot at UC Berkeley last month.

There was blood in the streets as clashes predictably got ugly.

According to The Daily Californian, at least ten people were arrested and three were injured after anarchists clashed with Trump supporters. More arrests may be on the way as Berkeley police officers stood on the sidelines “videorecording the event to later identify individuals.”

Officers were armed with both batons and pepper spray, according to BPD spokesperson Officer Byron White.

He added that some officers also have less lethal munitions with them, including rubber bullets and smaller impact projectiles that they can use to mark particular agitators.

About 3:00 p.m., someone pepper sprayed a large group of people. Many ran out of the crowd holding their eyes. There were also reports of firecrackers being deployed.

When Trump supporters attempted to march towards UC Berkeley’s campus, agitators blocked them to prevent them from leaving their rally site.

One woman was even pushed into the bush by the crowd in the scuffle. Multiple hats, including a “Make America Great” hat and a “Proud Republican” hat, were set on fire by counter-protesters.

An elderly man was pepper-sprayed by an antifa girl.

Anti-Trump agitators in Lake Oswego, Ore., organized a large protest to counter the 200 or so pro-Trumpers. The agitators created a “Wall of Love” to counter the Trump supporters.

Via Oregon Live:

Signs of such disruption were evident even as Trump supporters gathered at the park ahead of the march. Shortly after the crowd sang along to the national anthem, a woman in a light pink shirt walked into the crowd and started screaming, pointing both middle fingers at the picnic area as she did so.

That woman was clearly not feeling the love:

Police made some arrests after a group of Black Lives Matter activists confronted the Trump supporters at an intersection.

In Olympia, Wash., about 225 people attended the pro-Trump rally and approximately 150 people against Trump staged a counter-protest.

KOMO News reported that four counter-demonstrators were arrested for assaulting a police officer.

“A police sergeant drove himself to the hospital after someone threw an unknown substance on him,” KOMO’s Suzanne Phan reported.

In Denver, the Colorado State Patrol estimated that 300 to 500 supporters showed up to rally for Trump.

They too were met by anti-Trump protesters, estimated to be about 100 people. “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” the agitators chanted.

Things were much tamer in Overland Park, Kansas, where I attended a rally with my husband and mother. A patriotic crowd of about 200 people showed up and marched near the Overland Park Convention Center. The rally commenced with a rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” a recitation of the “Pledge of Allegiance,” and a recording of “The Lord’s Prayer” as recited by First Lady Melania Trump. The group marched over to Interstate 435 in a show of support for the president.

There was a massive Trump rally in Pennsylvania:

Trump-supporting singer Joy Villa rallied in D.C.:

Villa created a sensation at the Grammys last month when she showed up on the red carpet in a “Make America Great Again” gown.

Hispanics for Trump rallied in Phoenix:

There was a huge pro-Trump rally in Miami:

Supporters also rallied near Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, where the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity.

Trump’s motorcade, heading back from a golf outing, briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters.

In New York, about 200 supporters rallied near the president’s Manhattan home, chanting “U-S-A.”

In Columbus, Ohio, Trump supporters at the Ohio Statehouse were met by protesters who shouted, “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA” over the supporters’ “U-S-A” chants.

The Nashville rally got intense when masked agitators showed up. There were two arrests.

In Phoenix, about 300 people turned out for a pro-Trump rally that included several state lawmakers. They were met by about a dozen anti-Trumpers.

In St. Paul, Minn., counter-demonstrators scuffled with the hundreds of supporters who were rallying at the Minnesota State Capitol.

KARE 11 reported that five people were arrested.


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