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Anti-Trump Feminists Plan 'Day Without A Woman' Strike

The [progressive] Women’s March organizers have announced the much-anticipated details of their next big show of resistance, the “Day Without A [progressive] Woman” strike which is taking place on March 8.

1. [Progressive] Women take the day off work — whether you are paid or unpaid.

2. Refrain from shopping for the day — or if you must shop, choose small, [progressive] women- and minority-owned businesses.

3. Wear red in solidarity with those participating in and supporting the strike.

I actually support the idea and hope they plan many more such days without lefty-women in the future.

Via the Woman’s March-supporting website “Bustle”:

These three tasks make it so that, hopefully, people of all backgrounds, situations, and income levels can participate in the strike. Even if you don’t have the ability to take off work altogether or not buy anything that day, you can still show solidarity by wearing red. And it doesn’t specify that, for instance, you have to wear all-red or a red top — even if you’ve only got a small red accessory, that’s still something.

I can think of a red accessory some women might want to wear on the top of their heads that day, but I don’t think the “Day Without A [progressive] Woman” organizers would like it very much.

It goes without saying that “people of all backgrounds, situations, and income levels” will not be participating in the strike. Most conservative women want no part of whatever they think they’re doing. That’s why I added “progressive” in parentheses — it is a fallacy for these lefty ladies to characterize themselves as purely pro-woman, as if people who don’t share their progressive values are “anti-woman.”

Pro-life feminists weren’t even allowed to join them for their “Women’s March” in Washington last month. Many of these so-called “feminists” oppose Melania and Ivanka Trump simply because of their association with Donald Trump.  They likely support stores (whether they’re male or female owned) that dropped Ivanka’s products. Instead of holding a smart and successful businesswoman like Ivanka up, they prefer to tear her down. That’s “pro-woman”?

So let’s call it what it is — A Day Without Left-Wing Women Who Vote Democrat And Want Bigger Government Controlling Everyone’s Lives — which is fine, but I’m curious about a few things.

If these left-wing ladies are not going to be at work or shopping (except in woman- or minority-owned stores), where are they going to be able to show off those red outfits? Are they allowed to go out to eat? Should they avoid restaurants owned by men? Won’t their red outfits clash with their pink “pussy hats”? More direction may be needed here.

Also, before they decide to show their solidarity with other lefty women on March 8, they might want to heed what happened to some unfortunate participants in the “Day Without [progressive] Immigrants” demonstrations earlier this month.

More than a hundred workers were canned after taking part in those protests because employers felt that those employees were not so important to their businesses that they could get away with skipping work.

Hundreds of women could end up with pink slips to go with their pink “pussy hats” — which makes this “pro-woman” event seem kind of counterproductive.

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