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Report: Accused Bomber Rahami May Have Been Radicalized Overseas

Accused bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, may have been radicalized during his trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan, authorities are now saying.  This brings up renewed questions about a wider terrorist conspiracy.


“We are also looking at these three trips Ahmad took to Pakistan and Afghanistan,” said Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

“And when he came back, he reportedly had radicalized upon return to the United States.”

McCaul characterized the events as a “classic scenario, where radicalization takes place when they come back and it’s not reported to authorities.”

As Tyler O’Neil reported here at PJ Media, “Rahami would travel back to Afghanistan to see family, remaining out there for weeks or even months.”

At one point, according to a former girlfriend, Rahami was stuck in Afghanistan because Afghan authorities had confiscated his passport.

She said the last time she remembered Rahami visiting Afghanistan was nine years ago, and that’s when he brought back a wife and and child.

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