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Liz Warren's Anti-Trump Ad Features Man Who Voted for Trump

A Massachusetts man who is featured in Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s anti-Trump ad for says he is not anti-Trump, and in fact, voted for the bombastic billionaire in his state’s primary.

Michael Levin, whose attractive, mixed-race family appears in the ad with him, is a writer who has contributed to The New York Daily News, Politico, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. And he is an unabashed Trump supporter.

“So you’re saying that Elizabeth Warren is totally wrong, she’s off the reservation as it were,” Tucker Carslon wisecracked on Fox and Friends Sunday, prompting a laugh from Levin. “Tucker, that’s a great native American reference,” he snickered.

Levin told Carlson that he’s written about Trump and it wouldn’t have taken more than ten seconds of research for MoveOn to have discovered his true feelings about The Donald.

“On Monday I got a text from a friend who said, ‘Hey, I just saw you in the new Warren video attacking Trump.’ And I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Levin said. “I watched the video, and to my shock and surprise, there I was.”

Levin and his family are featured in two clips about 2:30 into the Internet video. In the first, he’s helping his daughter strap on a bicycle helmet. In the second, Levin and his wife are shown gazing into the distance. Warren’s voiceover during the clips declares: “They pay their fair share.”

“I’m not anti-Trump, I actually voted for him in the Massachusetts primary,” Levin told co-host Tucker Carlson. “And the little girl you saw in that video came with me to the polls with her siblings to watch me vote for him.”

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Carlson proceeded to tickle Levin’s funny bone with a series of leading questions.

“Interesting, but I mean, she must have found this out when she called you and said that I need your permission to put you in a national televised ad attacking the guy you voted for, right?”

“Tucker, that’s a bit of a leading question,” Levin laughed. “There were no such phone calls and I only found out after the video had gone viral. I think around 12 million people have seen me actually assenting — or appearing to assent — to her position on Trump.”

“So when Elizabeth Warren called you to apologize for putting you in an ad supporting something you abhor, what did you say to her?” Tucker asked.

“Once again, a leading question,” Levin replied. “I haven’t gotten any apology calls. I don’t expect to.”

Carlson kept the ruse going with yet another leading question: “So when they pulled this ad off the air because it was so dishonest…” he began.

“Tucker, there you go again!” laughed Levin, doing his best Ronald Reagan impersonation.

Levin explained that the clips of his family were taken from an Al Jazeera special on the American family that a friend of a friend had worked on several years ago.

“And apparently it’s still up on YouTube,” Levin said. “And I think the Warren people just Googled ‘American Dream,’ found us, and said, ‘What a nice mixed-race couple. They’re probably sort of working-class people.’”

“That’s hilarious!” Carlson laughed. “Or maybe they’re just cruising the al Jazeera website a lot.”

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