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Senator Mike Lee Rages at John Boehner and Peter King on the 'Mark Levin Show'

Senator Mike Lee Rages at John Boehner and Peter King on the 'Mark Levin Show'
UNITED STATES - APRIL 28: Sen. Michael S. Lee (R-UT) speaks during the press conference in the Russell Senate Office Building in support of sentencing reform legislation on Thursday, April 28, 2016.. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

An impassioned Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) called in to the Mark Levin Show Thursday evening to register his extreme displeasure with John Boehner and Rep. Peter King for making “vile remarks” about his friend, Senator Ted Cruz. Levin gave the angry senator a few minutes of airtime to vent, and Lee really cut loose. “It’s really vile stuff!” he raged, “and what perplexes me about this, Mark, is that these are not words that I hear these gentleman use in response for anyone else.”

I hear John Boeher heaping praise on Bernie Sanders, heaping praise on Hillary Clinton, heaping praise on Donald Trump.

And yet for Ted Cruz? What’s he call him? He calls him the devil! He calls him Satan, he calls him Lucifer. Why? The question is why? Why does he do this? Well, there’s an answer. Ted Cruz actually challenges the system – the very same system that Donald Trump claims to rail against!

This is an insightful moment. First of all, I’m appalled that John Boehner would do this.

I have bit my tongue for years. I’ve held my tongue for years on John Boehner even when I disagreed with him. Because I respected him as a person and respected with his office enough to not call him out on it personally.

I expressed disagreement with his policies, but I’ve never ridiculed him personally. The fact that he has done this is appalling and he should be ashamed of himself and I demand that he apologize!

…This is a wake-up call for people who are supporting Donald Trump thinking that he’s the guy who is going to rail against the establishment. He’s NOT! He is the establishment. He’s the golfing buddy – the texting buddy of John Boehner. The same guy who praises Hillary Clinton — who praises Bernie Sanders. So if you’re out there thinking that Donald Trump is somehow going to be the guy who takes down the establishment, think again because quite the opposite is true. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you so angry,” Levin noted. “This has really fired you up.”

“I am angry, Mark,” Lee agreed. “I am livid.” 

To have him talk in those terms about my friend, Ted Cruz – when he doesn’t know Ted Cruz from Adam! Ted Cruz has probably never spoken more than four or five words to John Boehner in his life and I’m confident that every one of those words was polite! And yet, he goes out and calls  him the devil. This is wrong! This should be a wake up call to everyone in America.

The junior senator from Utah continued, saying that “we have got to help make clear that Ted Cruz is the only man in this race who will actually fight the Washington, D.C., establishment because Donald Trump is part of it.”

He added, “Ted Cruz believes in the Constitution. He believes in federalism. He believes in separation of powers. These guys can tolerate everything else. They’ll praise Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and they’ll praise Bernie Sanders and all the other statists out there. But when Ted Cruz comes along — he preaches constitutional restraint and they can’t tolerate that because it exposes them for who they are.”

Lee concluded, “It tells us a lot about the character of Pete King and John Boehner and it tells us about why we should be supporting Ted Cruz and not Donald Trump!”

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