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Jailed CIA leaker Says Hillary's Been 'Given a Pass' for Emails

Hillary Clinton has not only been given a pass for her multitude of email indiscretions,  she’s been given an “almost apologetic pass,” according to Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer who is now serving jail time for leaking documents to the New York Times.

In an interview with the Washington Post yesterday, Sterling accused federal officials of “setting a double standard” by refusing to prosecute Hillary ClintonVia The Hill:

Clinton was “a high ranking official who should know better, but completely given a pass, and almost an apologetic pass,” Jeffrey Sterling, who was found guilty of leaking classified information to Times reporter James Risen last year, said in an interview with the Washington Post published on Monday.

“So how should us regular citizens feel, especially with heightened concerns about national security?”

Sterling, who is serving a three and a half year prison term, told the Post he struggles with suicidal thoughts and is doing his best “to hang on.” His wife, who maintains his innocence, “brought a petition to the White House asking President Obama to give him a pardon” last week.

His remarks come as the FBI continues its investigation of the Democratic presidential frontrunner’s use of a “homebrew” email arrangement throughout her tenure as secretary of state.

The most recent batch of emails, released Friday evening in response to a court order, included 64 more that contained classified information, bringing the total up to 1,730 emails that Hillary Clinton sent or received that contained classified material. The latest emails were classified at the confidential level, which is the lowest level of classification. At least 22 of Clinton’s emails have been deemed by the intelligence community to be at the highest level of “top secret.”