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Epic Fail: Ed Schultz Super PAC Bellyflops

Former MSNBC, now RT America (formerly, Russia Today) blowhard Ed Schultz quietly abandoned a super PAC he started last fall to compete with Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, after receiving only one donation of $25 during its three months of operation.

Shultz announced that he was leaving Americans For A Strong Middle Class in a little noticed YouTube video on February 9. The website is, however, still operational and taking donations. “I’m not sure  what the status of the super PAC is going to be,” Schultz said in his announcement, “but I am ending my involvement with Americans For A Strong Middle Class.”

The super PAC is dedicated to “empowering citizens on economic issues and pushing politicians to support American workers,” but now Schultz says, “I gotta be realistic with my time. I mean [right now] I am spread pretty thin.”

This comes after Americans For A Strong Middle Class filed its first FEC report at the end of January showing a $25 donation and a $100 loan. On that shoestring budget, the PAC managed to rack up over $15,000 in debt for expenditures such as legal services and web design.

Last October, Schultz had high hopes for his super PAC. Via The Daily Caller:

“I feel like I am perfectly positioned with my national platform, with my name and visibility and credibility with the middle class, to be the person to head up this super PAC,” he told “We are a 527; we are a nonprofit; we are incorporated in Washington, D.C., and we are going to get involved in issues around the country that are vital to a strong middle class, with our focus on jobs and wages, health care, education, trade agreements and justice.”

Shultz also said, “Middle class issues are here to stay. This transcends any candidate or any issue or any election cycle.” At least it did until he signed on with Kremlin-funded RT America. Because nothing says “middle class” like the old Soviet Union.