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As Trevor Noah Proves, the Left Just Can’t Stop Lying About Racism

They really just can’t stop. Now that the official White House doctor has declared President Donald Trump healthy in mind and body, the liberal attack dogs at the Hollywood funny farm are circling back to their old standby to discredit their political enemies: racism.

On “The Daily Show,” crackpot comedian Trevor Noah responded to Trump’s excellent health evaluation with this little quip:

“No heart problems, no dementia, no dentures… but did you test for racism?”

When Trump’s doctor answered a question on Trump’s less-than-stellar diet, he attributed his continued good health to good genes: “I told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he’d live to be 200 years old.”

That was just too much hyperbole for Noah’s fragile psyche: “My God! If you think Trump is racist at 71, imagine how racist he’ll be when he’s 200.”

Soooo funny! Eye roll. Noah’s lame effort at comedy fails, not because the charge of racism simply isn’t true, but because it’s an old, worn-out punch line that screams: “Get new material!!”

Here’s the thing. Many Americans simply aren’t falling for it anymore. And they’re certainly not laughing. It’s clear to anyone who is really “woke” that the liberal propaganda army is marching lockstep to discredit and delegitimize Trump, as well as anyone who even remotely supports him.

They tried accusing him of sexual assault, then Russian collusion, then racism, then sexism again, then his mental health, and now back to racism again — because, truth be told, slinging this poo-smeared label is the Democrats’ favorite tactic.

It has been for years, way back to the sixties when Gore Vidal called William Buckley a “crypto-nazi.” I wrote about this during the election, explaining how the Left has a shameless history of calling Republicans racists: “While the degree of conflict changes, the essence of it doesn’t. Neither do the alarmist and exaggerated depictions of racism on the Right.”

Trump isn’t anything new; he’s just the most recent in a long line of Republican targets.

Very few politicians on the Right have escaped at least the attempt to smear them with the racist label. In 1980, Jimmy Carter accused Ronald Reagan of stirring up racist hate by using “code words like ‘states’ rights’ in a speech in Mississippi.” In an interview with 60 Minutes, Reagan responded to the allegations, accusing Civil Rights leaders of doing what the Left does: keeping the appearance of racism alive so they can maintain their power.

And keep it alive is exactly what they’ve done, maligning any effort to conserve American values and American culture with the smear of racism. No wonder they went nuts over Pat Buchanan’s 1992 speech on the culture wars. Its message of “put America first” was the precursor of Tea Party slogans and Trump speeches — and it was also called horribly racist.

(Read it. I don’t see the racism.)

Fast forward to George W. Bush’s administration and its handling of Hurricane Katrina. Remember when Kanye West said “Bush doesn’t care about black people”? That prompted Bush to do an interview with Brian Williams in which he defended himself. But that didn’t stop the labeling. Not only was his entire campaign accused of racism, his response to 9/11 was called racist.

Then came Barack Obama, and the floodgates of race-smearing were thrown wide as Leftists became even more bold and efficacious in their promotion of race identity politics and labeling of the Right.

Mitt Romney felt the heat of it. Look at some of these headlines from 2012:

Nine most racist moments of the 2012 election

As the Romney Campaign unskews, will the GOP’s Racist ID Take Over?

Romney and the Deceptive Use of Racist Language

Republicans are Racists…And they’re not shy about it

White Racist Supporters Crushed When Mitt Romney Lost to Barack Obama

And here’s “The 10 Most Racist Moments of the GOP Primary (So Far)” in which the author writes something that could be published today: “The Republican Party is digging deep into the old bucket of white racism, using the politics of fear, hostility and anxiety to win over white voters.”

Noah is just repeating the same old line. It’s boring, it’s untrue, it’s unoriginal, and it’s not funny. It’s a tool to manipulate the clapping seals who mindlessly absorb his comedic propaganda. The rest of us aren’t so stupid or fearful of lefty stigmatizing.

Note to Noah and his liberal cohorts: This is how Trump got elected, and if you keep it up, you can be sure he’ll be elected again.