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CNN Appears to Extort Apology from Trump Meme-Maker

You know, I just didn’t think my opinion of the legacy media could possibly get lower.

Okay, folks, make note, you don’t get to hear me say this very often: I was wrong.

You remember, of course, the Reddit meme that was picked up and used by Trump to great consternation:

Well, CNN was apparently unhappy with the meme. They tracked down the guy who made it. Then they determined he’d made other tasteless memes. Then they got an abject apology from him.

Then they published it, saying: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.” (That’s an archive link, by the way, as I expect the story may change or disappear shortly after CNN Legal’s offices open in the morning.)

Well, here, CNN, just for you:

As Glenn Reynolds said:


They seem to have trouble getting their story straight: