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Texas Gov. Abbott Declares Border Emergency as Intel Community Warns of Rising Terrorist Threat

Photo by U.S. Border Patrol, Big Bend Sector, Texas.

Joe Biden likes to accuse you and me of being terrorists because we don’t agree with him. He has numerous other Democrats playing the same game, which is corrosive to the republic. Dissent is only patriotic when a Republican is in the White House, it seems.

Meanwhile, the U.S. intelligence community is warning that chaos on the border is leading to a rising terrorist threat to the country, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Intelligence officials told the White House in a classified briefing that individuals with ties to terrorist groups may be illegally crossing the southern border, contradicting claims by Democrats that the immigration crisis does not constitute a national security threat.

Immigrants with connections to Islamic terrorist groups have begun taking advantage of what one senior Customs and Border Protection official called “a porous border.” In April, border patrol officers arrested two Yemeni nationals on a terrorist watch list. National security officials have pledged to assist officers in counterterrorism operations at the U.S.-Mexico border to help the strapped agency handle the influx of threats, according to a memo reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

There was also the armed Iraqi who didn’t make much news beyond the border. There is also the ongoing case of ventilator theft the Del Rio Sector of the Border Patrol is dealing with.

Human trafficking is still a huge ongoing problem. Various Border Patrol sectors post about issues they’re encountering, and thus far are not being censored as heavily as the media.