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5 Reasons I'm Pessimistic About 2021... and Beyond

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We’ve all pined for the end of 2020 since it’s been an awful year by just about any measure. I’m by nature an optimist, but 2020 has taken what was left of that out of me, at least for a while. It’s very tough to look forward to a new year that doesn’t look like it will be an improvement over the one we’re leaving behind.


5. 2020 accelerated a dangerous global power trend.

Since World War II, the United States has been the world’s dominant power. In fact, after World War II the U.S. produced fully half of the world’s gross production. The rest of the world was devastated by the war, while that same war left our nation relatively unscathed and actually pulled our economy out of the Depression. (No, the FDR New Deal, which the Democrats continue to hug and kiss to this day, did not. In fact, it may have prolonged the Depression by several years.)

At any rate, if economists can be believed, the U.S. economy’s growth rate heading into 2021 will be anemic thanks to the COVID pandemic and related economic shutdowns. Two of our largest states, California and New York, are both run by Democrats who believe the shutdowns are good and will continue using them. If this continues it will place a serious drag on the national economy, at precisely the same time China’s economy is projected to top 8% growth in the new year.

I don’t really believe that, but suppose China grows at 6% instead. That’s still more than double our growth rate. The combination of the two means China’s influence will likely grow while ours may contract. The consequences of this are very far-reaching and negative, even before China’s economy supposedly overtakes ours.

To be sure, China has its own domestic economic problems, and those may stall its economic growth. There is a deepening skepticism of China and that is growing worldwide. Its human rights record is heinous. But the trends are ominous, and as we’ve seen, corporate America is happy to play ball and even enable the Chinese Communist Party. The NBA doesn’t know which nation its name refers to anymore. Joe Biden is already promising tax increases and assaults on our domestic energy production that will further drag the economy and end up helping both China and Russia.

We do not want a world dominated by China.

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4. Our culture is gone.

Hollywood has always been an awful place. Read any honest history of the place and you’ll learn it has always been rife with drug use, sexual harassment, and outright sexual abuse and rape, and some of its titans have been moral Caligulas. But in the past, the nation’s fundamental culture provided a check on Hollywood’s excesses and kept much of that out of the entertainment content that would otherwise have gushed out. That’s no longer the case. Hollywood’s base morality is America’s morality now. There is no check on our cultural sewer. Hollywood is our moral lodestar and that’s bad for now and for the future.

Maybe this is why Democrats who love Hollywood cash keep using the cover of COVID to target churches and synagogues whenever they can. Just throwing that out there.

3. Big Tech and Big Media are worse than ever before.

Big Tech and Big Media combined to tilt the election, maybe decisively, in Joe Biden’s favor by hiding the Hunter Biden stories and the Joe Biden sexual assault allegations. Not only does this undermine our nation where most Americans have always had some reason for confidence — our elections — it will serve to embolden them to continue taking hold over the government.

Dissent from the Biden line will not be treated as patriotic, that’s only for when a Republican is in office. While some on the Right think the media will lose some mojo without Trump in the White House, I don’t share that view. Media will continue pushing the COVID panic porn (which millions of Americans appear to enjoy) and it will continue dividing our country and isolating everyone who is not on the Democrat team.

Scratch that, they’ll continue going after anyone who is not on the totalitarian woke team. They’re emboldened. Until they’re challenged and defeated, or broken up as needs may, Big Tech and Big Media will do nothing good and lots of ill for the country.

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2. Joe Biden.

The man is a mediocrity who has built a political career on winning elections in a state that’s more or less an overgrown county. This unprincipled man is set to occupy the most powerful office in the world. He will bend to the woke Left because that’s what those around him believe and will tell him he should do. That’s where the energy in his party is. The media are already protecting him and will only pile on.

Whether he actually won the election, which is highly suspect, or conspired to steal it, or merely benefited from the same, he’s a deteriorating mediocrity. His ascension carries more than a whiff of the late Soviet era when Moscow was running out of steam and kept propping up old men who were barely alive to run the country. They could not stand up to Reagan’s energy and guile. By contrast from then to now, China’s Xi Xinping is just 67 years old and appears to be vigorous and cunning. He will eat Biden’s lunch, and he’ll keep paying Biden personally for the privilege. This is not good. None of this is good.

And the #1 reason for pessimism in 2021…

Roughly half of our country hates our country. They hate our country down to its foundations, which they believe are racist, and they hate their own countrymen who have the gall to disagree with them that our country is racist.

The “systemically racist” narrative has taken hold of our educational establishment, corporate America, and much of the government. There are major American corporations pushing woke critical race theory training (and making millions of dollars year on year) effectively selling the rope with which corporate America will hang anyone who does not toe the woke line. Watch over the next year and going forward as your HR department in your company or government agency forces you to undergo woke indoctrination or surrender your livelihood.

At the same time, the universities are churning out millions of good little Marxists who cannot think for themselves but who can and will destroy the careers and lives of others for perceived sins against the woke faith.

Trump tried to push back on that, but he will no longer have the power to do so. Biden will further it. The media will further it. Democrats thrive on the division it creates, whether they really believe in wokeism or not. Rising generations have already been taught to accept and embrace it, and thereby hate our country. One of our two major political parties is fully owned and operated by wokeness. This is unprecedented in our history (which they despise anyway). The future that this creates is a deeply uncertain and dangerous one. Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We fought a civil war not too long after he said that.

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