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Biden's OMB Pick, Neera Tanden, Is a Conspiracy Theorist Who Pushed False and Disputed Election Information on Twitter

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The Washington Examiner reports that Joe Biden’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, has deleted about 1,000 tweets in anticipation of a tough Senate confirmation.

Tanden, who is the CEO of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, would need a majority vote in the Senate to become the head of Biden’s Office of Management and Budget, meaning that she is likely to need GOP support.

Tanden’s deleted tweets include, for example, multiple posts expressing disapproval of Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a centrist Republican who has been known to vote with Democrats on some issues and is considered a “swing” vote. Yet, she left up a 2018 tweet that calls Collins “pathetic” for supporting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in the Senate.

The claims that Democrats made about Kavanaugh were disputed at the time because they were craven and false character attacks. Tanden and those who pushed the false and malicious attacks on him were never censored by Twitter, which has censored President Trump hundreds of times.

Tanden’s tweets also pushed the now totally discredited Russia collusion storyline against Trump.

Tanden, who has been one of the most vocal liberal critics of Trump, deleted content regarding Russia’s role in the 2016 election, pushing conspiracy theories that Russian hackers altered the results of the election.

Tanden also pushed disputed COVID information that, when it comes from conservatives, tends to earn “missing context” flags and even timeouts from the tech tyrants.

She also deleted tweets from Nov. 20 that expressed her opposition to coronavirus restrictions on schools and restaurants, citing France as an example of a country that was able to slow the spread of infection while keeping businesses open.

So Biden has chosen a conspiracy theorist who is now attempting to deep-six her disreputable past. Glenn Greenwald has more on that unsavory past.

The list of sociopathic and even monstrous acts from Tanden is too long to list comprehensively. She punched one of her own employees, a reporter for CAP’s now-abolished blog ThinkProgress, after he had the temerity to ask Hillary Clinton in 2008 about her support for the Iraq War (Tanden claimed she “merely” had “pushed,” not punched, her undeferential reporter). In 2011, as the Obama administration was participating in the NATO bombing of Libya, Tanden suggested in internal CAP discussions that the U.S. steal Libya’s oil as a way of reducing the U.S. deficit (a story I was able to report only because Tanden had abused and alienated so many of her employees that they worked together to leak her incriminating emails to me).

That’s just a taste of Tanden’s behavior. Greenwald describes Tanden as a “swamp creature,” making her a perfect choice for Joe Biden, both a creature and creator of the swamp with 47 years’ experience in world-class graft.

The Senate should reject Tanden’s nomination, after holding hearings that would prove useful to illuminating what passes for a mainstream Democrat these days.

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