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[VIDEO] Woman Defeats Antifa Kids and Defends Teddy Roosevelt Statue

[VIDEO] Woman Defeats Antifa Kids and Defends Teddy Roosevelt Statue
Antifa activist from American University tries and fails to intimidate woman in NYC.

You have to watch this video to really appreciate all of what’s going on.

First, the woman is simply a model of courage. Antifa has proven its tendency to leap straight to violence. She stands alone against them, unafraid to challenge them.

“You’re a domestic terrorist group and we will see to it that you fall and you fall so hard, you won’t know what hit you,” she tells them.

One of them shouts back about her “privilege,” using profanity as they always do, but the woman is unmoved.

Until one of the antifa comes at her. Then, a black man steps up and defends her.

It’s at this moment that we see the statue-haters in this antifa crowd for the first time. They are all young white people. One is wearing a shirt indicating he’s a student at American University in Washington, D.C.

Let that sink in. Just what are professors teaching at American University?

If America is as awful as the man apparently believes, why does he attend American University? In a city named for a man that antifa only sees in one dimension — he owned slaves?

The best argument he can come up with is “I think you guys represent something very bad.” Put him on the debate team!

He’s probably writing for the school newspaper, which is called The Eagle, another symbol of the land he despises so much.

Cost to attend American University: $66,268 per year. These are rich, privileged white kids.

The antifista gets called out for trying to go chest to chest with the lady, and another antifista herds him away. They all continue arguing over whether the woman can stand where she pleases.

Which is rich, considering the fact that antifa squats wherever it wants, blocking streets with scooters that don’t belong them and taking whole sections of cities that include substantial private property that does not belong to them.

Suddenly, they care about where someone else is standing?

A counter-protester calls the American U student out: “You go to American University? America was founded on stolen land, you bigot!”

The antifista has no comeback. When called out on that, another person in the crowd accuses the woman of “intimidating” antifa — which operates entirely on intimidating everyone else into silence and obedience.

Woman 1, Antifa 0.

They can be resisted, with some backbone.

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