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New Lineup at FNC: Does Griff Jenkins Become a Permanent Host at 'Fox & Friends Weekend'?

Griff Jenkins hosts Fox & Friends (photo from Jenkins' Twitter feed)

Viewers have noticed several personnel changes at Fox News Channel in the past year, with Shepard Smith’s departure being the most eye-popping (and probably most welcome to most Fox viewers).

The shuffling has left a number of programs with rotating and temporary hosts. However, the still-young 2020 appears to be bringing some resolution to the musical chairs at Fox.

Smith’s chair will be filled by the capable Bill Hemmer who has hosted America’s Newsroom from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. on weekdays since 2009. He will now host Bill Hemmer Reports at 3 p.m. Ed Henry will take over for Hemmer at America’s Newsroom on beginning on Monday, January 20th.

Smith frustrated most of FNC’s conservative viewers, but he was recognized in the industry as a newsman. Both Hemmer and Henry are also respected newsmen, and they don’t seem to bristle at the opinion of the network’s commentary stars, such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and my former boss, Laura Ingraham.

Henry has been sharing a rotating seat on the weekend edition of Fox & Friends with Griff Jenkins. It’s not clear if Jenkins will now become a permanent co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, but he should. Jenkins is straightforward on the news and relatable and witty in his commentaries. I got to work with him once, a lifetime ago during the Hot Air days. He’s good people. That comes across in his on-air work.