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The Biden Administration Enters the Flailing About Phase

The Biden Administration Enters the Flailing About Phase
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The stench of fear hangs over the nation’s capitol. It’s been just over a week since Election Day, and the shockwaves still reverberate throughout the swamp. Congressional Democrats of all stripes are working not to give in to sheer panic, with many nervously eyeing the door. As they struggle to keep their approval ratings above water, they also have to fear the administration pulling them down with it with it as it sinks in the polls.

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Over in the executive branch, the mood must be grim. President Biden’s poll numbers are dropping faster than an ambitious California D.A., and all signs point to a red-wave bloodbath in next year’s midterms. With perilously slim majorities in Congress and approval in the toilet, the administration has clearly caught on that they are in trouble. And now they’re urgently trying to do something — anything — to stop the bleeding.

The flailing about has officially begun.

Recent announcements out of the White House illustrate that the administration is aware of its most glaring failures and is targeting its statements to look as though it’s actually on top of the situation.

One of the Biden administration’s most egregious and unpopular disasters is its encouragement of actual millions of needy people to swarm the U.S. southern border, overwhelm the immigration process, and disappear into the nation’s interior. Now, in a feeble show of closing the barn door long after the cow is gone, the government has announced its big plan to … send out notices to appear to 78,000 of our new, illegal residents.

“Starting Monday, U.S. immigration authorities will dispatch packets of legal documents that will instruct migrants, many of them families with children, to show up to court hearings before immigration judges, who will determine whether the new arrivals will be allowed to stay in the country,” according to CBS News:

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is mailing charging documents to place noncitizens in removal proceedings who have been paroled or released under prosecutorial discretion by Customs and Border Protection (CBP),” the agency said. “Noncitizens are being directed to their closest ICE Field Office and will be processed using the information collected by CBP as evidence of citizenship and removability.”

During these appointments, ICE will take photos, collect fingerprints, review case files and determine whether migrants will be fitted with ankle bracelets or enrolled in other programs designed to ensure their compliance with reporting requirements, the agency said. “Action will be taken against those that do not appear consistent with the law and Department priorities,” ICE added.

Oh, I’m absolutely certain these folks will show up for their appointments (if they even reside at the address the government has on file for them to receive the summons). But, whatever—the administration is Taking Action!

Another glaring failure of the Biden Administration is the retardation of the nation’s once-superior supply chain. Americans are used to prosperity, and those empty shelves and higher prices aren’t exactly plumping Biden’s poll numbers. Luckily, the White House has just announced that they are going to Do Something About It. They issued a fact sheet outlining the “Biden-⁠Harris Action Plan for America’s Ports and Waterways”, which all their PR partners in the mainstream media dutifully reported.

“President Biden is not waiting to take action,” declares the introduction to the plan. “Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing a set of concrete steps to accelerate investment in our ports, waterways, and freight networks.” That sure sounds reassuring! But a read-through of the proposal shows that it appears to be yet another “framework” that Democrats love so much, with lots of big ideas and few details. In reality, central planners are never able to repair what they have damaged.

Still another area where the admin is flailing and failing to appear competent is the never-ending bat flu emergency. Poor Joe: It seems like the more people get vaccinated, the worse the epidemic gets. In an unexamined effort to look like it’s Doing Something, the administration is doubling down on vaccine mandates. This is a short-sighted move at best. Mandates may poll well (at least among Democrats), but they cause problems down the road that poll decidedly not-well. For example, enough workers refuse to be vaccinated that the ensuing mass layoffs will increase already problematic labor shortages, which will worsen supply chain woes, which will increase prices and shortages.

Additionally, the leftist push to force people to submit to their vaccine fetish is coming under increasing attack, both from courts that block it and from scientists who insist mandates should exempt those with naturally acquired immunity. Added to that is the Democrat madness of giving experimental vaccines to young children—even infants—who are at virtually no risk of dying from COVID. In case the Dems missed it, they were routed in Virginia largely because they wanted to make decisions that should be parents’ alone to make.

But let the Biden White House flounder and thrash as it seeks appear competent and in control of multiple deteriorating situations. We all know how these things progress: the problems will not go away and will probably worsen, the flailing will become increasingly frantic and authoritarian, and the people will become more and more fed up. Forget the popcorn — I’m pouring myself a delicious single malt over one of those great, big ice cubes that never melts, putting my feet up, and enjoying the show. Only 363 days until Election Day 2022!

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